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30 June 2007

From: Tony Gosling <tony[at]tlio.org.uk>
To: PEPIS <pepis[at]googlegroups.com>
Cc: bullshitwasteofmoney[at]mi6.gov.uk
Subject: [PEPIS] PEPIS#89 - Al-Qaeda car bomb false flag MI6 garbage
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 04:14:57 -0700

Al-Qaeda car bomb false flag MI6 garbage



dh | 29.06.2007 23:21

More propaganda bullshit from the propaganda mill. Operation Gladio
writ large once again over the streets of the capital.

A compilation of views from the far seers

Its amazing how Gordon Brown comes into power and all of sudden
there's a terror threat, coincidence??

Wonder what policies Gordon wants to introduce??

I'm just glad he had the brains not to explode the device and save
innocent lives for a change.

Maybe I'm completely off the mark too early to say have to wait and
see the aftermath and investigation.

But false flag terror is the sea on which the Brown ship sails. The PM
has very little say any more.

One of the NWO's weakest arguments is that Al-CIAda's political aims
can be furthered by killing innocent civilians. Of course that has the
opposite effect. As any real freedom fighter knows well.

So here we have another attempt by nasty Asian types to get white
Londoners to hate them even more. It's the weakest and most farcical
aspect to apparent 'meme' incidents like this.

What a surreal, nightmare these little Hitlers are ushering in. Could
it be the Brown leadership will be characterised by even more fear-
mongering mind control than before? If so we have to highlight the
fundamental illogic in killing those who are their potential anti-NWO

These racist anti-terror police have elbowed their way in to a
monopoly on public fear incidents. They are trusted absolutely by the
press but never accountable for even one of the lies that they tell.

If anyone hasn't already seen it get hold of a DVD of Troy Kennedy-
Martin's BBC drama "The Edge of Darkness" which goes about as far as
anyone has into this subject.

Maybe we should have a report by the Health and Safety Executive into
how many medals those who defuse pretend bombs should be awarded? All
I can find myself thinking this morning is "double the MI5 budget!"
they are our saviours!! Who can stand up to these creatures?

A real terrorist would hit the centres of corrupt power and/or the
pockets of the city slickers and merchant bankers, such as the
Bishopsgate, Stock Exchange and Canary Wharf bombs in the 1990s.
Perhaps the unseen forces are testing their new underling, maybe they
have sent a little shot across his bows and keep him on his toes. Come
on PM sort out this awful mess before we are overrun with terrorists.
Chop Chop.

Any bets, there will be no chain of custody for this car, no
insurance, no road tax, and it will have been brought with cash from a
second hand car dealer months ago, possibly being resold privately in
a newspaper by an Asian who is arrested and then released after months
of interrogation.

MI5 can congratulate themselves because they have found their own
bomb, just remember the bearded SAS soldiers arrested in Iraq, driving
around in a car full of explosives dressed as Arabs. Say no more
except there is nothing like a FALSE FLAG or the threat of a FALSE
FLAG to launch the new prime minister into power. These people are
sick and evil.

What a shame, with all those hundreds of thousands of CCTV cameras in
London, we don't seem to have captured any decent image of the Gladio
operatives, er.. I mean Islamic maniacs who are doing it because they
hate my freedom.

What happened to those high tech CCTV cams, linked to those 'secret'
underground bunkers that beep beep when a dodgy car enters its zone of
stalking? does that mean the car was legitimate, papers tax etc? or if
it wasn't legitimate where were those stealth keystones cops?

When you have these cameras primed and some thug waiting to pounce and
follow your every move for miles for dropping a cigarette end or
MacDonald's carton, surely, surely this incident in the heart of
London aroused a teeny weenie bit of suspicion?

Will we have another De Menezes bout of lies about a, dark skinned man
seen hurdling obstacles in a thick coat fleeing the scene, with a box
of wires protruding as he disappeared into the night, and this is a
clear indication that one of the 200 al qaedaers cells are now busily
reverting to plan B.

All that's missing is the boot was filled with jerry cans full of
kerosene that would have melted surrounding buildings causing instant
''building falling into its own footprints''.

Still this is an ideal team for my new protector and man of truth and
honour Brown, to show us all what a great shepherd he is.

2 gas bottles and 6oz of roundhead nails, al qaedas are certainly not
the outfit they used to be, from single handedly standing the whole
USA air force to stand down, and bypassing the pentagons anti missile
defence from a cave, and being the most sophisticated terror network
ever seen, to crashing a Merc. on a deserted road, armed with 2 gas
bottles and 6oz of nails.

Can you please stalk me more, and take more of my freedoms please, as
i am now sleeping even more soundly knowing that by taking away all my
freedoms bit by bit, i will be free.

We have gone from, the Merc. swerving into some bins and the driver
legging it

But not before putting one of his gas bottles behind the car as if
using it as a 'cone' warning
To the bouncers approaching the car and looking in the boot and
signalling the alarm.

We then have the conspiracy theory turning into, the car was parked up
nicely, and along came an ambulance, saw some smoke, and alerted the
local keystones who came running, truncheons in hand.

One would have thought these likely Gladio operatives would be better
planners than this, it would appear its some crazy ill thought out al
qaedas doing it again false flag, judging from the concocted version
of events we have been subjected to thus far. Almost as an after
thought to, hey Gordo's the new primey, lets set up one of those al
qaedas dun it Cluedo games, so Gordy can show us how good and
qualified he is

BBC 6 O'clock News is a wonderful programme. They just said that "CCTV
will help this investigation just as it did with the 7/7 bombers"!


Plus, why on earth are the journos not asking why there was an
intelligence vacuum YET AGAIN?

90 day detention without trial is on the agenda.

The 'right' climate has to be created.

Just like climate change justifies ever more punitive taxes and loss
of services so a climate of terror justifies ever more repressive

The racist nature of this campaign is so blatant that the Rothermere
press have printed pictures of discos and bars implying Muslims want
to blow them up and that a terror plot of enormous proportions was

If they continue along this path ...tourism will go down the pan.
How long will all businesses put up with it?

Interesting that Al Ukqaeda have to keep re-inventing the whee... er
IED. No sooner than they discover the devastating chapati flower SADM,
it's off to liquids and planes. Now gas canisters and nails. Shall we
start a sweepstake on what their next devilish munition will be?
Rhubarb and custard is my entry.


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