24 March 2000. Thanks to Martin Garbus, Frankfurt Garbus Klein & Selz.

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The Universal et al v Reimerdes et al case is a very interesting and potentially precedent-setting case involving the DVD industry. It is one of the first and most significant cases involving the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), copyright, fair use, and the First Amendment. Martin Garbus of Frankfurt Garbus Klein & Selz, PC, represents a journalist who posted a de-encryption code on his magazine's website that permits DVDs to be played on DVD players without the otherwise necessary authorization software. He has never benefited personally from this.


As it winds its way through the District Court, the Second Circuit and the Supreme Court, this major lawsuit may be the litigation that determines:

Source: E-mail from Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein & Selz


Martin Garbus, a graduate of Hunter College, Columbia University and New York University Law School, and formerly an Associate Director of the ACLU, is the author of two books, Ready for the Defense and Traitors and Heroes, both of which deal with freedom of speech and other constitutional issues.  A third book, entitled Tough Talk: How I Fought for Writers, Comics, Bigots, and the American Way, was published by Random House in August of 1998 and deals with such concerns as free speech in the new media, focusing on copyright, obscenity, hate speech and libel.  Tough Talk was named one of the "notable non-fiction books of 1998" by the Los Angeles Times.

Mr. Garbus, who has taught law at Columbia and Yale Universities, is a frequent contributor to major newspapers, national magazines and law journals, and has appeared on television and radio shows as an expert commentator.  An NBC and CNBC legal commentator, his articles have appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, The Nation, and other periodicals.

Mr. Garbus has represented many of the major book publishers, film and record companies in the United States and abroad in both criminal and civil actions, as well as the on-line media, television and movie industries.  As part of his First Amendment practice, he has represented Salman Rushdie, Henry Miller, Channel Four TV and Penguin Books in England, and has represented such well-known political dissidents as Vaclav Havel, Andrei Sakharov and Anatoly Scharansky.  He has also served as a consultant on constitutional and free speech issues to the former Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and Rwanda.

As one of the country's leading trial lawyers, Mr. Garbus has tried free speech cases in nearly every state in the country.  He has appeared before the United States Supreme Court on numerous occasions and has represented over two dozen Murder One defendants, many in high-profile cases. 

Mr. Garbus has developed an expertise in jury selection and forensic issues, and as a First Amendment lawyer, he has long been engaged in the fight for free press/free trial.  This commitment stems from his involvement with such notable cases as the World Trade Center case, the French Connection case, the Wounded Knee prosecution, the defense of Kathy Boudin, Lenny Bruce and countless other legal trials over the past thirty years.

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