25 June 2000

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[By Anonymous]

In its suit against Emmanuel Goldstein and 2600, the MPAA has sought to protect the identities of  its anti-piracy employees for fear that they will be targeted. I agree that some employees in sensitive areas may need protection, but since the MPAA sought to bar public release of all of it depositions (including those of publicity seeking high-profile members), I feel that they are using the court to censor testimony that shows the absurdity of their case.

Thankfully, Judge Kaplan limited censorship just to the names and personal information of anti-piracy employees. If the MPAA is seeking to prevent the court from revealing names that the MPAA itself has already made public, then I would submit that any claims of damage by the court revealing names would be groundless.

To this end, I have transcribed a list of anti-piracy employees that the MPAA has publicly released. I hope that if any of these people submit depositions, that their already-revealed names are not censored and are released with their statements. Otherwise, the MPAA does not take the safety of their own employees seriously and are trying to mislead the court.

The following names were transcribed from the employee list given by the voice mail system of the MPAA Video Piracy Hotline. The availability of this list was first publicized June 6th, 2000, on Emmanuel Goldstein's radio show "Off the Hook." The list below was transcribed over two weeks after that date, giving the MPAA more than enough time to remove any entries for sensitive employees.

To hear this list:

Dial "1-800-NOCOPYS"

Dial “*” to pick a mailbox.

Dial “#” to list the names.

Dial “2” and "#"  to list names starting with "A".

Listen to names; press “2” after each name is pronounce to listen to the next one.

Approximately 155 names and/or mailboxes are listed. I have not double checked this list for accuracy because my purpose is not to identify anti-piracy MPAA employees, but to show that the MPAA may be identifying its own anti-piracy employees.

Judy Adelman

Malcolm Stewart

Alex Alderan

Helane Atler

Linzy Armstrong

Rita Austin

Cathy Austin

Bill Baker

Sharon Ball

Simon Barsky

Charlene Baskin

Julie Brts

Helena Berlin

Carol Bernard

Crystal Edmonston

Patty Bonham

Linda Brahana

Paula Petshauski

Catherine Brenin

PPMG Peat Marwick

Annise Burdeos

Weenie? Burns

Stacy Burton

Mary Callahan

Lardy Compos

Margarita Coherrio

Chinese Film Festival

Pam Christianson

Jack Collins

Patricia Conway

Mary Copland

Jackie Cordero

Nick Counter

Ulia Duscheskie

Dave Dolson

Laurie Donohue

Paul Eggie

Patricia Fester

Joey Forest

Denise Gullatie

Lowen Gayego

Gary Galloway

Larry Simmer

Greg Getner

Julie Bonstein

Legel Perieonie

Anna Gomez

Marilyn Gordon

Joan Greys

Jackie Grotteskelli

Evelyn Hand

Alex Hawkins

Cheryl Kernie

Christian Hellen

Maria Hernandez

Laura Huh

Tony Hay

Rick Hersh

Carrie Hollinger

Mark How

Brad Hunt

Tom Eggner

Mathew Iopedes

Ken Jacobsen

Donna Jennings

CSATS Training Program

Melissa Valenzuela

Becky Jones

Sheldon Kasden

Roberto Hernandez

Elisia Metzker

Karen Kemt

I9 administraion Section

Eugene Groggen

Gina Konselmen

Richard Krow

Emily Kutner

Helena Lackey

Judy Langston

Diane Larson

Carla Receiva

Helenda Liman

Mark Litback

Carol Lambordinni - Senior Vice President of Business and Legal affairs

Maria Lopez

Tess Lugmarghi

MPAA Mailroom

Helee Montani

Karen Morelen

Julia Magenet

J. J. Markee

Don Mccullen

Tom Walter

Cylinda Mellima

Richard Mosk

Elisha Munt

Lisa Munt

Bill Murray

Maryann Ferrell

Maryann Nicolletti

Cheryl Moljnmm, asst. to Carol Lambordinni

More Wide amplifier Seat


3rd Floor Conf Room

Sandro Gano

Local 600

Jan Norman

Alexandria Andrews

Anita Bruckner

Michael Hummel

Michael Owens

Mary Palmer

Melissa Pateck

Robin Patino

Lisa Pall

Marilyn Pas

Marla Poor

Debra Raye

Nichaile Rhyda

Monnina Rayes

Dan Robins

Linzy Robertson

AMPTP Mailroom

Gary Brockness

Hugh Rose

Alison Rosen

Barbra Rosenfeld

Sally Ross

Susan Ruiz

Josephine Jody Buckley

Kirk Weak

Sheryl Sher

Mitchell Schwartz

Shashana Seigel

Linda Shear, MPAA Laboratory

Melissa Badatti

Jill Simpson

Susan Sparta and/or Jan Norman

Lylannie Sweiger

System Manager

Rhonna Tamborno

Melissa altman

Tina Taylor

Martha Herman

Tracy Thomas

Jessica Golden

Edguardo Pinoccho

Nella Suden

Tina Resale

Mary Vigiano

Serfeno Tally

Donna Wells

Andrea Witt

Clarissa Yeager

Scott Young