23 April 2004

M. writes:

You are quite correct to be wary of the NCIS guys. In my experience they have substantially less character, in general, than small town cops. To a man, they picture themselves as "moving on up" to either the FBI, ATF, or (Wow!) da Secretion Swerves, errr Secret Service.

We had one in Dubai when we were conducting Force Protection operations. This guy was on the take from the local government (itself enormously corrupt) - and was spying on US! We figured out what was going on (he was way too curious, and we caught him photo'ing us covertly) - and we proceeded to screw him into the ground, loading him with phony info.

We gave him a code name we used on our comm circuits - "killer tomato". That's a nickname we use in the fleet for a large, red, inflatable target shape. It's about 20' in diameter - we shoot at it with large cannon from several miles range. Anyhow, this NCIS guy had a round, red face that just reminded us of "killer tomato".

I've observed this outfit for quite a few years, John. They are more than willing to violate the Constitution and any Law.

A. writes:

The query you received from NCISRA Quantico is likely related to the visit you received from the FBI a short time ago, and it's nothing more than an attempt to engage you in "harmless" dialog in an attempt to squelch cryptome.org and to pump you for information on your contacts which will then be channeled to the FBI agents you tossed out of your office.

NCISRA Quantico has some of the more despicable infringements on our freedoms and liberties attributed to it, and as a whole the people there generally feel that they are above the law.  NCISRA Quantico is commonly used as a cover organization for illegal wiretapping efforts, and they act as a CALEA clearing center for illegal wiretaps for other federal agencies. They also procure equipment, technologies, and resource on behalf of other government agencies, and have historically been used as a clearing house to do an end-run for the procurement of illicit items. They also have a long history of subverting procurement laws, and of contracting with barred and banned persons to obtain equipment, services, and resources outside of official channels. If you research their office with a bit more effort you will turn up what is nothing less than a den of whores at NCISRA Quantico, ditto with their sister office at Ft. Belvoir.

While you may not realize it quite a few people in government circles are completely terrified of your site, and would do anything to squelch your free speech. Your site throws light into the dark places where they try to hide their illegal activities, and into places where they are hiding their pork barrels.

Keep up the good works, and give the bastards some more hell.

20 April 2004

From: J
To: jya@pipeline.com
Subject: NCISRA Faggotry
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 20:54:26 -0400

I am a bit confused by this whole NCISRA mess.

First, other than to have a conversation, what exactly did Michael Michell  want? Just sending a few shots across your bow to elicit a reaction? Also,  where did this Matt McCracken clown come from?


Special Agent Michell is applying the friendly person-to-person approach to sucking information out of the unwary, to ensnaring in a complicitous "let's work together to protect the US, else we got to see you as aiding and abetting the enemy," the same used by the FBI against Cryptome in November 2003. An age-old means and method to recruiting agents by cops, spooks and predators on the prowl. A "visit" by the FBI is the same as a one-on-one chat with an SA from NCISRA. If you challenge the fuckers they act all surprised at your hostility, blame you for over-reacting to an innocent inquiry, or more threateningly, not helping in the war against terrorism. Michell is a low-life, lying sonofabitch, parading official credentials and pretending he's not on duty. Tell him the wrong thing and he will accuse you of lying to a federal official, an entrapment felony now in high fashion. That's the American Government way of fucking the citizenry these days of fat budgets for official racking-up expensive time searching for miscreants: themselves mirrored. Easier to spy on Americans than really smart enemies, a lesson learned from all the shameful periods of American history, and still the best way to avoid responsibility for "national security" failure. National security is a narcotic best abandoned once and for all, but over the last half-century it has become such a lucrative drug pushing business don't get your hopes up.

Matt McCracken is no clown, that's SA Michell and thousands more like him.

20 April 2004

From: "Michell, Michael" <MMichell@NCIS.NAVY.MIL>
To: "'jya@pipeline.com'" <jya@pipeline.com>
Subject: RE: Request for meeting
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 21:55:20 -0400

Mr. Young,

Thank you for responding.  I was not interested in speaking with Cryptome, rather with Mr. John Young.  I do not see the two as one.  I hope that in your quest you have not lost yourself.  I understand ...

"Cryptome welcomes e-mail communication with your agency so long as it is done in public, and any report you make of the exchange is also made public.

It is Cryptome policy to publish inquiries by a law enforcement or investigative agency and to avoid private, undisclosed communication and meetings."

There is no report from NCISRA Quantico concerning Mr. John Young, or Cryptome.



Michael A. Michell
Special Agent
NCISRA Quantico

20 April 2004

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 02:32:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Matt McCracken <mattsimc@yahoo.com>
Subject: Navy Communications
Cc: jya@pipeline.com

< Below is from someone externally connected, who really cares and isn't influenced by Mr. John Young >

It's so great to see our United States military so free and open, and permitting the speuing of its logic in the form of communications and documents all over the Cryptome Website bulletin-board that other governments who read it can copy, and easily use to their own advantages in many, many sabatoging ways -- not to mention for government building.  Hey, I use worded logic from it myself sometimes for my own legitimate corporation building.  Why does Mr. John Young not care?  I guess some may never understand why. 

Please shut them down.

multiple bcc:'s included.

PS -- Please get that Army intelligence director freak with the big eyes off of C-Span National Television --- he talks way, way too much.  Cough-Scratch-Sniff. Wink. 

PSS -- Oh, and sorry to make a scapegoat out of you Michael.  It's not your fault, your public now!  You should win an award anyway, name change and rank upgrade.

PSSS -- Fix Darpa's public Website.  Too much public info on onit too.

16 April 2004

Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Quantico, VA 22134


From: "Michell, Michael" <MMichell@NCIS.NAVY.MIL>
To: "'jya@pipeline.com'" <jya@pipeline.com>
Cc: "Michell, Michael" <MMichell@NCIS.NAVY.MIL>
Subject: Request for meeting
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 12:37:06 -0400

Mr. John Young,

Good Afternoon.  Would you be willing to converse via e-mail, telephone, or in person?



Michael A. Michell
Special Agent
NCISRA Quantico

April 16, 2004

Michael A. Michell
Special Agent
NCISRA Quantico

Dear Special Agent Michell,

Cryptome welcomes e-mail communication with your agency so long as it is done in public, and any report you make of the exchange is also made public.

It is Cryptome policy to publish inquiries by a law enforcement or investigative agency and to avoid private, undisclosed communication and meetings.


John Young
Cryptome Administrator