Augsut 23, 2004

Ken Carpenter called at 1:10 PM to say that getting a court order would be complicated and time-wasting so why doesn't Cryptome be "patriotic" and remove the document in the interest of national security. He said NSA had vetted the document as being important to national security.

Cryptome said it had published his request and he should take a look at it and a reader's response.

Mr. Carpenter logged onto this file, and said, oh no, you published my telephone number and quoted me.

We said that is what we do when a government official gets in touch.

Then he read Jim Atkinson's message, and said, wait, you can't publish this, this is slander. This is slander, he repeated.

Cryptome said you lied when you identified yourself as an official at NCS.

But I am, Mr. Carpenter said.

No you're not, we said, you're a contractor, exaggerating your official capacity in the name of national security. You have smeared NCS by your behavior. If you object to what Cryptome has published, send an e-mail explaining your position and it will be published to advance public debate on the abuse of "national security."

Mr. Carpenter demanded, what's your name?

We said it's on Cryptome, you called us, don't you know our name?

He said, no, I just called a number.

We said, scroll to the bottom of Cryptome's home page.

He said, you're Mr. Lee?

No, we said, further down.

He said, here it is, John McLaughlin.

No, we said, that is the CIA director.

He said, John Young?

Yes, that's us, send an e-mail.

August 23, 2004

Cryptome received a telephone call about 8 AM from Ken Carpenter (703-379-0021), National Communications System (NCS), who stated that the Cryptome file, NCS Emergency High Frequency Radio Directory (Official Use Only), is 2-1/2 years old, but that it could be used to pinpoint locations of users. He asked if Cryptome could be persuaded to remove the file. Cryptome said removal will require a court order. Mr. Carpenter said he had read that on the Cryptome home page. Cryptome said that a telephone call by NCS legal counsel or an NCS written request would not be sufficient. Mr. Carpenter said he will consult with NCS legal counsel to obtain a legally-binding removal order.

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 12:03:06 -0400
From: "James M. Atkinson" <>
Subject: NCS SHARES (for posting to Cryptome)


I noticed that DHS (Department of Homeland Surveillance) playing games with you again, but that there is nothing in the SHARES documents you have posted on Cryptome that is in any way restricted or classified. There is however, information in the document that could be used to embarrass DHS and the contractor who managed the program for them (ARTEL) and affect the profitability of the contract.

It's obvious that DHS is trying to shut you up, and is using a private contractor posing as a government employee to do so.

Take a look at the following **PUBLIC** documents on the NCS site... all of them contain the same data that you have in your file.

Also, the phone number that Mr. Carpenter lists (703-379-0021) actually traces to a CIVILIAN agency that runs communications networks, and is not an actual government office. The number traces as one of the main incoming lines at: Artel, Inc, 6 Skyline Pl, Alexandria, VA 22301.

Further research into the matter shows that they have an employee there by the name of "Ken Carpenter," and they have him as working in the SHARES program office.

If you do some further research into who really owns ARTEL you find that some of their customers are closely linked to several known terrorist groups in the Middle East.


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