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31 July 2007

National Counterterrorism Center eyeball:

A sends:

This is an update on the new intelligence/security complex at Liberty Crossing, McLean, Virginia. The first unit to move there was the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), but it was noted at the time by an intelligence official that the site had room for growth. Such growth is underway, with one large building scheduled for completion in early 2008 and one or two slightly smaller but still large ones proposed. Total floorspace will be at least 850,000 square feet and may grow to as much as 1,500,000 square feet.

Note: Tysons Mclean Blvd/Dr is a name given in 2002 to the former PRC Drive and is sometimes used to include the extension of PRC Dr. to Farm Credit Dr. Many maps and other sources still use the former names when giving addresses on the street.


[accessed 2007-07-30]

The Peterson Companies is a service business, committed to developing, owning and managing quality properties.

Corporate Office Owned and Managed:

Tyson/McLean - 1500 496,000 sf  McLean, VA

[This is Liberty Crossing 1 (LX-1), which houses the National Counterterrorism Center.  Other sources give somewhat lower figures for the floor space, in the vicinity of 434,000 square feet.]

Tyson/McLean - 1505 348,000 sf  McLean, VA

[This is the former Nextel building, now demolished to make space for the 400,000 sf LX-2.]


Fairfax County, Virginia


Yearend 2006

Office Space Under Construction, Second Half 2006

Building/Project Name:    Liberty Crossing Phase 2

Address:                         1505 Tysons McLean Boulevard

Submarket :                     Tysons Corner

Square Feet:                    400,000

Lead Tenant(s):               GSA

Delivery:                          March 2008


Projects Proposed

Thursday, July 28, 2005; VA07

5. Tysons McLean Joint Venture, Fairfax. Site plan for a 335,235- square-foot office building on 22.61 acres zoned I-1 (industrial, institutional) on Farm Credit Drive at Tysons McLean Drive. (SP-3231-004-1)


Projects Proposed

Thursday, February 1, 2007; Page VA10

13. Tysons McLean Joint Venture, Fairfax. Site plan for a 334,404- square-foot office building on 51.03 acres zoned I-1 (industrial institutional) at 1501 Farm Credit Dr. (SP-3231-004-2)  [1501 Farm Credit Dr. is currently the site of the Farm Credit Administration office building and FCA headquarters.]