20 January 2006

Subject: ATTN: Revised Draft NIPP Base Plan DISTRIBUTION
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 18:21:02 -0500
From: "NIPP" <Nipp@dhs.gov>
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Dear Security Partner:

Attached for your review and comment is the revised draft National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) Base Plan version 2.0. This revision reflects changes made in response to nearly 7,000 public comments that were received during the first comment period. Among other changes, the document now includes an executive summary, clarifies all-hazards linkages, and explains requirements pertaining to the risk management framework.  

Designed to meet the mandates set forth in Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7, the NIPP Base Plan also articulates security partner roles and responsibilities, protective framework milestones, and key implementation actions required to support our national-level critical infrastructures and key resources (CI/KR) protection mission. It establishes the architecture for conducting operational risk assessment and risk management activities and provides processes for coordinating resource priorities and informing the annual Federal budget process; strengthening linkages between physical and cyber, domestic and international CI/KR protection efforts; improving information-sharing and public-private-sector coordination; and integrating steady-state protection programs in an all-hazards environment. 

This revised draft is being extensively distributed to security partners in Federal departments and agencies; state, local, and tribal government entities; and the private sector to ensure the opportunity to provide input and foster a collaborative effort to enhance the NIPP. Please provide us with as much input on this important national plan as your availability allows. We welcome you to share it broadly with other colleagues for their individual input as well. 

In completing your review, please follow the comment instructions carefully and use the comment form provided to ensure the correct understanding of your input.  Do not make any effort to alter the comment form as it is designed to allow automatic importing to the comment database.

If you do not review the document or your review does not result in any comments or, please simply send a message to the NIPP@dhs.gov email box stating that fact. All input must be returned via email to NIPP@dhs.gov by 5 pm EST on February 06, 2006.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email them to NIPP@dhs.gov.

Your participation in this review is greatly appreciated and we look forward to receiving your comments to help further the national priorities to protect our critical infrastructures and key resources.  Thank you.

Department of Homeland Security


Revised Draft NIPP Base Plan v2.0 - Comment Form.doc (6 pp., 460KB)
Revised Draft NIPP Base Plan v2.0 - Comment Instructions.pdf (1 p., 15KB)
Revised Draft NIPP v2.0.pdf (234 pp., 2.8MB)


The three attachments Zipped: http://cryptome.org/nipp-v2.zip (1.9MB)