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Date: Wed, 31 May 2006
From: webmaster[at]iatf.net
Subject: 2006 June IATFF Announcement

XXXXXX: Making it Real in 2008 - Information Assurance (IA)
Implementation Plan for the Global Information Grid (GIG) Architecture
Community Review

June 15, 2006

Kossiakoff Center, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, 11100 Johns
Hopkins Rd, Laurel, Maryland


We are pleased to announce the delivery and publication of the
Information Assurance (IA) Component of the GIG Integrated Architecture
Version 1.1. The GIG IA Architecture provides the strategy, technical
framework, and transition plan for achieving an assured, integrated, and
survivable information enterprise necessary for information superiority.
In addition to supporting the DoD, the GIG IA Architecture effort is
broadly applicable to the Intelligence Community (IC), and Department of
Homeland Security (DHS). It can also achieve an Information Sharing
Environment (ISE) across Federal, State, Local, and other entities, and
protect our national Critical Infrastructures upon which the National
Security Community depends. On 15 June 2006, a Community Review will be
hosted to discuss the major components of this deliverable as well as
the efforts to evolve the GIG IA architecture to meet community needs,
align with DoD processes and incorporate IA content into DoD compliance
'documents of standing.'

In addition to the document review, numerous break-out sessions will be
offered in the afternoon covering topics such as Risk Assessment,
Assured Information Sharing Capability Roadmap, and C & A Strategy.

Following the community review, there will be a 45-day review period (15
June 06 through 26 July 06) for the community to prepare/submit its
comments. There will then be a 45-day period for comment resolution.
Publication of Version 1.1 (Final) is scheduled for 28 September 2006.

Registration for this event is not open to the general IATF membership;
but is open to U.S. military and government civilian personnel.
Contractors may attend provided they receive government sponsorship.

If you meet the above mentioned criteria, we encourage you to register
as early as possible. Registration is now open. Registration will close
on 12 June or once the capacity of the facility has been reached. To
register, please go to http://www.nsa.gov/ia/events/. There will be no
on-site registration for this conference.


The Version 1.1 Documents are now available for review on the GES portal
(https://gesportal.dod.mil/sites/gigia/default.aspx). To view Version
1.1 as well as the reference documents, please click the link, select
"Architecture" under the "Documents" heading, and select the documents
you wish to view. If you have any questions, please contact the GIG
Architecture Outreach Team @ gigia@missi.ncsc.mil. Please note that PKI
certificates are required to access these documents due to their
handling caveat.

Conference Fee:

There is no fee for this review.


Lunch will be provided.

Canceling Registration:

If your plans change and you cannot attend, please cancel your
registration via the IA Events website (http://www.nsa.gov/ia/events).
We want to insure that all qualified members have the opportunity to

This information is not approved for public disclosure without prior NSA approval.