2 July 2000. Thanks to Anonymous 2:

Just visited the US Patent office website and looked at there NSA patents -- thanks to Anonymous for pointing them out. You can use the URL

As you can see there are some new ones dated June 27:

6,081,634 June 27, 2000 All-fiber optically-controlled optical switch
6,081,323 June 27, 2000 Measurement of Raman gain spectrum in optical fiber
6,080,996 June 27, 2000 Unipolar three-terminal resonant-tunneling transistor

And I've been going crazy trying to figure out why "5,224,756 Integrated child seat for vehicle" is an NSA patent. Can anyone help?

1 July 2000. Thanks to Anonymous.

NSA Patents 1979-2000

I submit this list of all patents taken by the National Security Agency. It is informative to see what topics they are interested in. And also it is interesting because it is the only thing about their activity we can gain access to -- legally.

US06070175 05/30/2000 Method of file editing using framemaker enhanced by application programming interface clients
US06043825 03/28/2000 Method of displaying 3D networks in 2D with out false crossings
US06026053 02/15/2000 Photorefractive read-only optical memory apparatus using phase, frequency, and angular modulation
US06017822 01/25/2000 Method of thinning semiconductor wafer of smaller diameter than thinning equipment was designed for
US06013534 01/11/2000 Method of thinning integrated circuits received in die form
US06005986 12/21/1999 Method of identifying the script of a document irrespective of orientation
US05996020 11/30/1999 Multiple level minimum logic network
US05991714 11/23/1999 Method of identifying data type and locating in a file
US05982913 11/09/1999 Method of verification using a subset of claimant's fingerprint
US05937422 08/10/1999 Automatically generating a topic description for text and searching and sorting text by topic using the same
US0590368 3 05/11/1999 Device for modulating an optical signal using a single wave guide
US05841536 11/24/1998 Polarization interferometer apparatus using the polarization dependent phase lag in a birefringent retarder
US05838441 11/17/1998 Wide field of view coherent light detector and locator
US05835912 11/10/1998 Method of efficiency and flexibility storing, retrieving, and modifying data in any language representation
US05832478 11/03/1998 Method of searching an on-line dictionary using syllables and syllable count
US05822049 10/13/1998 Optical fiber coupler type wavelength measuring apparatus
US05812609 09/22/1998 Communication intercept device using digital drop receivers in mu ltiple tiers
US05803771 09/08/1998 Electrical connector that minimizes bent pins
US05752051 05/12/1998 Language-independent method of generating index terms
US05631961 05/20/1997 Device for and method of cryptography that allows third party access
US055 33033 07/02/1996 Device for and method of correcting errors in formatted modem transmissions
US05500899 03/19/1996 Secure voice conferencing apparatus
US05489856 02/06/1996 Laser-programmable clocked-logic integrated-circuit
US05450332 09/12/1995 Method of creating a mebes pattern-generation file for use in the manufacture of integrated-circuit masks
US05428686 06/27/1995 Secure communication system having long-term keying variable
US05418951 05/23/1995 Method of retrieving documents that concern the same topic
US05363171 11/08/1994 Photolithography exposure tool and method for in situ photoresist measurments and exposure control
US05351301 09/27/1994 Authenticator circuit
US05349551 09/20/1994 Device for and method of preforming an N-bit modular multiplication in approximately N/2 steps
US05328046 07/12/1994 Self-locking, tamper-evident package
US05265042 11/23/1993 Device and method for a nonlinear comb filter
US05264794 11/23/1993 Method of measuring magnetic fields on magnetically recorded media using a scanning tunneling microscope and magnetic probe
US05258334 11/02/1993 Process of preventing visual access to a semiconductor device by applying an opaque ceramic coating to integrated circuit devices
US05245659 09/14/1993 Constant ratio coding for multipath rejection and ECCM enhancement
US05245408 09/14/1993 Electro-optic coherent light detector
US05238134 08/24/1993 Limited-reuse tamper-evident container
US05237615 08/17/1993 Multiple independent binary bit stream generator
US05224756 07/06/1993 Integrated child seat for vehicle
US05101374 03/31/1992 Secure, fast storage and retrieval without interactive checking
US05101371 03/31/1992 Apparatus for performing a bit serial orthogonal transformation instruction
US05087946 02/11/1992 Composite instant on fuser element
US05020018 05/28/1991 Outer product optical interferometer with hologram
US05012440 04/30/1991 Outer product optical interferometer with mask
US04972105 11/20/1990 Programmable configurable logic memory
US04928294 05/22/1990 Method and apparatus for line-modified asymmetric crystal topography
US04903339 02/20/1990 Locally nulled sine-wave total power alarm for intrusion detecting optical communications systems
US04858113 08/15/1989 Reconfigurable pipelined processor
US04825442 04/25/1989 Planar optical logic
US04825285 04/25/1989 Hybrid encoder
US04818949 04/04/1989 Microwave and millimeter-wave spectrum analyzer
US04818335 04/04/1989 Tapered wet etching of contacts using a trilayer silox structure
US04758976 07/19/1988 High bandwidth triple product processor using a shearing interferometer
US04755745 07/05/1988 Incoherent light optical processor
US04729632 03/08/1988 Common path acoustoptic adap tive linear predictors
US04709652 12/01/1987 Pneumatic audio sweep generator
US04630285 12/16/1986 Method for reducing group delay distortion
US04579421 04/01/1986 Optical adaptive filter
US04567572 01/28/1986 Fast parallel sorting processor
US04497042 01/29/1985 Magnetic bubble logic apparatus
US04468789 08/28/1984 Method for serial transmission and receipt of binary information
US04468093 08/28/1984 Hybrid space/time integrating optical ambiguity processor
US04440472 04/03/1984 Space integrating ambiguity processor
US04435783 03/06/1984 Magnetic bubble logic apparatus
US04429180 01/31/1984 Apparatus for simultaneous generation of key at two locations
US04413879 11/08/1983 Method and apparatus for side launch excitation of selected modes in graded-index optical fibers
US04383261 05/10/1983 Method for laser recording utilizing dynamic preheating
US04375626 03/01/1983 Precision linear tuning circuit
US04357549 11/02/1982 Automatic frequency alteration circuit
US04350984 09/21/1982 Method of position fixing active sources utilizing differential doppler
US04342111 07/27/1982 Digital bridging apparatus for telephone conferencing system
US04322134 03/30/1982 Electronic lens
US04262992 04/21/1981 Variable integrated optical logic element
US04225938 09/30/1980 Time-integrating acousto-optical processors
US04161036 07/10/1979 Method and apparatus for random and sequential accessing in dynamic memories
US04161032 07/10/1979 Serial arithmetic functions with magnetic bubble logic elements