6 December 1999
Source: Fax from NSA Public Affairs (301) 688-6524. Thanks to J. and V.

This is a "prepared statement" referred to in a New York Times report: http://cryptome.org/nsa-nyt.htm

[No letterhead, undated]

NSA is faced with many challenges as it enters the new millennium. These challenges include: maintaining a strong infrastructure of people and facilities in a time constrained budgets; accurate forecasting of technology trends in the face of an explosion of information systems; and, flexibility to react quickly to new technological innovations.

LtGen Hayden, Director NSA, is leading the Agency workforce to face these challenges and is moving forward with what he calls "100 days of change." The next 100 days, which are only the beginning, will provide the momentum for the workforce to shape the Agency, so that it can thrive in the years to come and ensure that NSA has the agility and expertise to continue its long tradtion of preserving national security.

We asked for but did not get:

"New Enterprise Team (NETeam) Recommendations: The Director's Work Plan for Change," Oct. 1, 1999.

See Federal Computer Week report: http://www.fcw.com/pubs/fcw/1999/1206/fcw-newsnsa-it-12-06-99.html