13 July 2005

T. writes again 13 July 2005:


I assume your silence means the answer is no.

Why is that all you people who claim to care so much about government misdeeds are silent when the CIA wants to step all over me though?

Guess you're as phony as Valerie Plame and her pals.

T. writes 12 July 2005:

Subject: Counter-proliferation officers. Yeah right.

Will you do me a favor? Will you post this letter on your website? I have contacted numerous media over the past 2 years and I have been totally ignored. I don't know if I'm being dismissed because they think I'm a nutcase or if the CIA is somehow spiking the story.

I have heard Valerie Plame described repeatedly as a WMD counter-proliferation officer. If that's true then I want someone to explain to me why I received calls in the past from both Valerie Plame and former CIA officer Melissa Mahle inquiring about my technical background. I received a call from Valerie Plame in  spring 2003 pretending to be from Brewster Jennings. I never returned the call. Some days later I received a call from a woman using the name of Gail Heights with the company University Services. It was later revealed in the news that Gail Heights and University Services were false names used by Gao Zhan, the Chinese woman convicted of smuggling microprocessors to Communist China. Prior to that I was called by Melissa Mahle pretending to be a job recruiter who only seemed to be interested in asking me questions about a job interview I had with the CIA in November 1996. The "job interview" involved a stay in the Best Western Westpark Hotel in Tyson's Corner in a room that was bugged. During my stay, I saw plenty of people who I recalled meeting months earlier including Cheri Leberknight, Eunjoo Ann Kensinger, Dave Robertson, Miguel Fabregas, Valerie Plame, John Spahn, and Rebecca Wolfson.  Months prior to my interview I found a bugging device in my car and was followed to work one day by a van with a doppler direction-finding antenna array on top of it. This is just the some of the outrageous crap I have put up with from Valerie Plame and her crew of "patriotic" CIA agents. I am an Aerospace\Electrical engineer and I have nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. Now if Valerie Plame is a counter-proliferation officer why has she been investigating me? I'd like to know that.

As far as I'm concerned Valerie Plame is not one of the good guys or a patriot.