22 February 2005. T. writes:

I believe that the Ramadi pictures you have posted are stretched about 17% in the horizontal direction.  I don't have any idea why this would be true, but the circles are not circles, and what should be right angles are not anywhere near right angles.

Cryptome: Thanks for observation. The images are shown as lifted from the source PDFs, and some distortion is in them. Is that not often the case with sat and aerial photos, due to the angle and height of the shoot or some other factor in the image gathering and processing? My understanding is that adjustments need to be made to such distorted orginals to get a properly accurate result.

21 February 2005

This is a composite of 12 PDF files from:


Satellite Image of Ramadi, Iraq

Photo date: 15 April 2003

Original photo reduced by 50%. Full-size photo: http://cryptome.org/ramadi-001.jpg (3.1MB)