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11 February 2007

A sends:

You mention on your website that you are interested in declassified government documents.

I have three FOIA disclosures in Acrobat PDF format on a government patent capable of simulating hallucination and harassing targets that I would like to have web posted so that I could reasonably reference them in articles. 

These disclosures were obtained by Sharon Weinberger in research for a Washington Post Sunday Magazine article entitled "Mind Games" published Jan. 14, 2007 that is the first mainstream press mention of this type of technology.  The FOIA inquiry was made to the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Division for disclosures regarding to the patent:

O'Loughlin JP, Loree DL: Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect. US patent # 6470214, Granted Oct 22, 2002

to which rights were assigned to the Air Force.

Attached is the email describing the document origin as from the Air Force Research Laboratory's [AFRL] Directed Energy Division.  The AF RL document is apparently an application form within the Air Force for support by the Air Force of the patent process, and is redacted in places.  On the top of page 3 under government uses is listed a psychological warfare communication tool.

Even though the patent refers to radio frequency hearing, the phenomenon is the same as microwave hearing with radio frequency being just a broader term including lower frequencies that have been shown to produce the same effect. This patent is capable of speech transmission through walls and was followed by another patent:

O'Loughlin JP, Loree DL: Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect. US patent # 6587729, Granted July 1, 2003

Apparently these patents represent the second time that this capacity has been developed (apparently previously on a more classified basis), and represent slightly different methods from earlier references to development.  When coupled to target tracking as well as thru-wall radar capability, these methods may be the basis of electronic harassment complaints by a number of people.  With considerable references these issues are treated in an article at:


The disclosures advance the case that this technique is already developed and validly functional.

Attached is a 1994 document titled Theory and Analysis of RF Hearing and Invention Disclosure . . ., that provides some slight detail about initial experiments by O'Loughlin & Loree.  Further experimental detail was denied. In the PDF file on page 10 are pages that are listed as an attachment to the form number identical to the Disclosure and Record of Invention form.

Again, the origin of the document is from the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Division for FOIA inquiry relative to the US patent # 6470214.

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[E-mail attachment]

DISCLOSURE AND RECORD OF INVENTION: A Method for Encoding & Transmitting Speech by Means of the Radio Frequency Hearing Phenomena, 1 November 1994

rf-speech-02.pdf (2 pages, 422KB)

From: Jim O'Loughlin, AFRL/DEHA 853 8183           30 Aug 01
To: Ken Callahan, JA [Judge Advocate]
Subject: Comments on AFB00148, RF Hearing
rf-speech-03.pdf (3 pages, 602KB)

From: James O'Loughlin, Diana Loree; Inventors, PL/WSR 01 Nov 94 Subject: Theory and Analysis of RF Hearing, and Invention Disclosure of Encoding Speech on an RF Signal Which Intelligibly Transmits That Signal to the Hearing Receptors of a Human (10 pages) To: File / Record / Distribution
RF-patent-04.pdf (15 pages, 2.6MB)