14 August 2004. Updated with nautical maps of the two pipelines.

11 August 2004. Cryptome has learned there is a second gas pipeline entering Manhattan, an extension of the one cited below, located further north, which transits Manhattan to serve The Bronx and areas northward. This landing facility includes a compressor station for boosting the gas flow. Like the other this facility is near the Amtrak rail lines, but it also adjoins the principal sewage treatment plant for Manhattan. Photo by Cryptome taken August 10, 2004.

Bottom map source: NOAA Nautical Map No. 12341

7 August 2004

These photos, taken by Cryptome on August 6, 2004, show preparations for the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden, New York City, to begin on August 30, 2004: http://www.2004nycgop.org/

Previous red-teaming report: http://cryptome.org/rnc-prep-01.htm

The first two photo-collages show recent installation of temporary structures on 8th Avenue and sidewalk between Madison Square Garden and the James Farley Post Office.

The topographical map, third photo-collage and pipeline maps show (photos at left) Manhattan's single natural gas pipeline landing, vent, controls and manholes in Riverside Park north of the convention site -- this pipe is fed by a giant pipeline 42-inches in diameter ("the Big Inch") built during the Second World War for transporting gas to the Northeast from Texas and Louisiana. The pipeline landing is located adjacent to the accessible underground and open-cut Amtrak tracks (shown in photos at right) which pass under Riverside Park and along the west side of Manhattan to Penn Station below Madison Square Garden.

More on pipeline mapping and withholding information from the public:



Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation (Transco, now owned by Williams):


Main Office
Williams Gas Pipeline
2800 Post Oak Blvd
Houston Texas 77056
(713) 215-2000

During the past 50 years Williams' Transco pipeline has been quietly, safely and reliably delivering natural gas to its customers through its 10,500-mile pipeline system, extending from South Texas to New York City. The Transco pipeline system is a major provider of natural gas to the northeastern and southeastern states. It's compressor stations help move gas from the Gulf Coast to 12 Southeast and Atlantic Seaboard states, including major metropolitan areas in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

System Design Capacity -- 7.7 billion cubic feet per day
Seasonal Storage -- 216 billion cubic feet
Supply Areas -- Gulf Coast
Market Areas -- Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeastern states
Miles of Pipeline -- 10,560 miles
Compressor Stations -- 43

Sources: Top 3 maps: National Gas Pipeline Atlas, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
Bottom map: NOAA Nautical Map No. 12341