29 August 2004

Previous red-team reports of convention preparations:






Also, thanks to I:

While looking around for image enhancement software, I stumbled across these maps of New York City's surveillance cameras in places such as Times Square, the United Nations, City Hall, etc. Some of them are as recent as May 2004.


As well, the NYC Surveillance Camera Project has much more detailed maps of camera locations:


Cryptome joined the Republican National Convention protest march and toured the area around Madison Square Garden today about 1-3 PM, taking these photos.

Protestor 180-degree panorama on 7th Avenue.

Unmarked police (and/or federal) surveillance van at 7th Avenue and West 25th Street. Atop is a high-mast video camera and a very-high-decibel crowd-supression speaker. The plainclothes camera crew at right had just come out of the truck to begin circulating among the crowd and taping. Seen inside while the van door was open was densely-packed recording and monitoring equipment. Nothing showed the cops or their vehicle were not journalists, except a complete lack of overt ID journalists exhibit.

NYPD/Fuji Surveillance Blimp.

Arrest of man and woman for allegedly carrying an illegal poster, the man told Cryptome, West 34th Street. Attorney in green cap from Lawyers Guild advising man at right photo. Crowd began chanting, "let'em go." Helmeted police were rushed in to quell the disturbance.

8th Avenue and West 34th Street, police on roof of Madison Square Garden at top and bottom left.

NYC's new water tunnel under construction at left, high-pressure gas regulator/vent at right, 9th Avenue and West 30th Street.

Chris Matthews/Hardball outdoor interview stand, West 34th and 6th Avenue.

NYPD Courtesy Professionalism Respect.