22 March 2006. The original Robert Ellmann resume (at age 40) listing Brewster Jennings remains available today at 8:30PM EST:

http://www.aac.edu/soubory.php/Ellmann_resume.doc?id=573 (Cryptome mirror)

This is about a year older than another Ellmann resume (at age 41) which omits the Brewster Jennings listing:


21 March 2006. A5 writes:

Robert Lawrence Ellmann, the Brewster-Jennings employee, is the nephew (not the son) of the literary biographer Richard Ellmann.   The obituary of Robert Lawrence Ellmann's father shows this.    However, Robert was at Oxford when his uncle died there and he has participated as a "bi-annual/family representative in Richard Ellmann Lectures at Emory University,"  according to one of his websites.


Detroit area Death Notices

January 01, 2002

ELLMANN, WILLIAM M. Beloved husband of Sheila Ellmann. Dear father of Douglas (Claudia) Ellmann, Robert Ellmann, and Carol Ellmann. Grandfather of Ben Bosworth Ellmann and Liam Roberts Ellmann. Brother of Erwin (Stephanie) Ellmann and the late Richard Ellmann. SERVICES 2 PM SUNDAY AFTERNOON AT THE IRA KAUFMAN CHAPEL, 248-569-0020. INTERMENT MACHPELAH CEMETERY.

Robert Ellmann in 2001

Robert Ellmann delivered this speech in Czech at the historical Markova Villa, a chateau in Bohemia, on the evening of October 13, 2001 prior to the simultaneous premiere showing of FRICTION in four different rooms of the Villa in the film's Japanese, English, Czech and German versions. Source

17 March 2006. A4 writes:

Re: the Richard Ellman resume

http://www.aac.edu/soubory.php/060resume.doc?id=619 is a link to an different resume at the same site, where the Brewster Jennings guff is replaced by:

'1993- 1996 Eastern European University Teaching Project Lecturer in law/economics for Yale University based project in eastern Europe'

This document still claims that Robert Ellman authored the 'Oscar Wilde' book, though.

Make of that what you will.

Cryptome: Compare the original Word document in Google cache which has the Brewster Jennnings reference and the current resume which does not:

Google cache [Now deleted] (If deleted let Cryptome know, the cache has been archived.)


17 March 2006. A3 writes:

Robert Lawrence Ellmann may be Richard's son. Both are from the Detroit area, and Robert the spy was a student at Oxford at the same time the famous Richard died there.  Robert Lawrence didn't say he authored the book on Oscar Wilde.  He merely edited an edition. He also participated as an acknowledged family member in an Emory College lecture series honoring the famous biographer/critic.

The Chicago Tribune may have gotten their information about Ellmann and Edwards from here: 


Plame's employer, Brewster-Jennings, apparently has never tried very hard to hide its activities. Former employees like Jean C. Edwards [Google cache] and Robert Lawrence Ellman [Google cache] even advertise their association with the company on the Internet! They were doing so before Brewster-Jennings and Valerie Plame came to light and they still are.

The Indy article came out on Tuesday March 7.  The Trib article says they called Edwards the next day, on Wednesday March 8, and that she removed the Brewster-Jennings and CIA references by Thursday the 9th.

Jean Edwards

Jean Edwards is a Shareholder with Akerman Senterfitt's Washington, D.C. office and a member of the Intellectual Property practice group. Source
• Central Intelligence Agency, Case Officer, 1989-1995
• Congressional Research Service, Intern, 1995-1996
• Elexis Corporation, Manufacturing Manager, 1985
• Brewster-Jenning and Associates, Consultant, 1985-1989

17 March 2006. A2 writes:

I find it interesting that the "Robert Ellmann" resume you posted had a curious detail that caught my attention.  The resume lists under publications Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann.  Note Richard, not Robert. Richard Ellmann is quite famous in some literary circles, and in fact I have several of his books sitting on my bookshelf.

For more info see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Ellmann

I don't know what to make of this tid-bit but it would be quite sloppy for a Robert Ellmann or whoever to claim to be the author of a book actually penned by such a pseudo-famous man as the late and very real Richard Ellmann.

16 March 2006. Thanks to A, who writes:

Chicago Tribune mentioned calling one person and asking about a Brewster Jennings & Associates resume online which was later removed, and this is another one.

Source: http://www.aac.edu/soubory.php/Ellmann_resume.doc?id=573

Robert Lawrence Ellmann, Esq.

Czech Republic

Phone: 420-739-014-496
E-mail: ellmann[at]seznam.cz

Personal Information

Age: 40

Place of Birth: Detroit, USA

Professional experience

2005-present      University of Wales Law School                 Prague, Czech Republic
Professor of law

2002-present      Jindrichovsky & Partners               Prague, Czech Republi
Partner in general practice law firm

2003-present      Anglo-American University                        Prague, Czech Republic
Part-time lecturer in economics

1996-2002          Vana, Pergl & Partners                Prague, Czech Republic
Attorney - counsel on deals in excess of USD 50,000,000.00

2000-2001          Czech Television                        Prague, Czech Republic
Film Director, Co-Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Personnel Manager, Editor, Animator, Screenwriter of 40 minute 3D animated movie entitled Friction

1993-1996          Eastern European University Teaching Project 
Lecturer in Economics and Professor in law for Yale University based project

1992-1996          Brewster-Jennings & Associates                  Boston, USA
Contract administration

1991- 1992         United States Bankruptcy Court           Los Angeles, USA
Bankruptcy Attorney

1990- 1991         Keck, Mahin & Cate                                 Chicago, USA
Concipient Attorney


1989 - 1991        University of Michigan Law School                         USA
Juris Doctor

1988 - 1989        University of Cambridge                                          UK
Master in International Relations (economics)

1986 - 1987        Oxford University                                                   UK
Visiting Student - Economics, offered admission to PPE

1983 - 1986        University of Michigan                                           USA
Bachelor of Arts - Economics

speeches and publications

Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann, editor, 1987; Race and Income, article, Law School Gazette, 1989; CEP keynote address, speech, 1993, Prague; Oxford University address, speech, 1994, Oxford; The Houynhnms, article, CEP Gazette, 1995; Economics and Ethnicity, chapter, 1996, Hungary; Pursued by a Bear by Zbynek Zeman, editor, 1997; speech to U.S. Ambassador, Plzen Mayor, Plzen University Rector and guests during Plzen Talks, May, 2004; Czech uranium and the Cold War, editor, 2006; The Bata Company, contributor, 2007

Professional memberships

United States Federal Courts; Arkansas Bar Association


English, Czech, Italian


Tennis Match – sold to MTV, Czech TV

FRICTION – financed by Czech TV


MACH 15 – script

Awards received

Joan Robinson Award in Economic Theory, 1986

Numerous gold medals world-wide for first movie Tennis Match, 1999

Numerous gold medals world-wide for second movie FRICTION, 2002

Honorary Festival Chair, Olomouc Film Festival, 2004

References available upon request