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5 May 2010

Documents provided with the message below by Sam Rosenfeld: (24 pages, 3.2MB)

Samuel Rosenfeld is a "former Intelligence Agent of the British Army's Intelligence Corps sub Unit previously known as the Force Research Unit (FRU) now known as the Joint Services Group (JSG):"

More his long-running fight with MoD:

Sam Rosenfeld writes:

Please note that the injunction [Zipped URL above] refers to (Carl, Allan and Johnny, Brian, Dave) all Army Intelligence Corps Handlers who are subjects of legal interests (it is a breach of the MoD's Injunction to name them). I confirm that Major Adrian Weale is the Intelligence Corps Officer whom posted death threats on the ARRSE Web site.

It should be noted that Major Weale's wife is a Conservative politician at local level - and that Weale is the officer being protected by the MoD.

It is also a breach of the injunction to name and identify Cryptome.

I also confirm that an Intelligence Corps Officer holding the rank of Brigadier is most likely Chris Holtom using a (pipex) account was the officer responsible for sending e-mail threatening to identify me as an Al-Qaeda operative.

I can confirm that I believe the sending of a threatening post card from Germany was likely done by Colonel Richard Rawdon-Smith head of the British Army's (HUMINT) authority, who I know from Northern Ireland.

I can also confirm that Major Dave Moyles was one of my handlers, and having identified him photographically, he was moved from his home address to a new location.

I can also confirm that Major General Sebastian Roberts was the officer formally attached to the Army's black propaganda division being responsible for making false and libelous statements to the British media. The MoD has insisted that these were his private comments.

Having spoken to Sebastian I can confirm that he has said everything he spoke about regarding myself was at the instance of the MoD (recorded) and that these were his instructions.

I have been informed that the injunction which you have in your possession is still active and still prevents me from seeking police assistance and protection.

I was forced to leave London again in April 2010, as in 2007, as a result of death threats from an individual using the following words (stiff) along with a message from the Det's to drop my present legal action or I would be murdered.

I have received a total of 11 death threats and all were non-action' d by the MoD and the civilian policing authority as a direct result of the MoD/Army.

Evidence was removed by the RCMP whom systemically refused to place in writing that they were officially conducting an investigation into an Army Major and Brigadier.

If as the MoD has promised that by breaking its injunction - they will seek to jail me, I am therefore challenging them to do just that, bring me before a free and open court and prosecute me for breaking the MoD's injunction - I absolutely dare the MoD (CT&UkOps) to bring me before a court of law and prosecute for breach of its injunction.

Lets see if MoD have the stomach for a real fight - I promise to take the Intelligence Corps apart brick by brick, and hold MoD totally accountable before a public court of law.

I make one promise, I will refuse to be silenced by the MoD, the Army and the judiciary.

Sam Rosenfeld