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6 December 2006

Michael John Smith writes:

These are the cross-examinations of Stella Rimington [Mrs. C, head of MI5] and Oleg Gordievsky [KGB defector] by the Defence Counsel at my trial. It is pretty obvious from the answers given by Stella Rimington and Oleg Gordievsky that they are not being completely honest with their answers, and in some cases they appear to be trying to deliberately avoid answering the questions being put to them.

You will notice that a key point is raised right at the end of the cross-examination of Stella Rimington, when she accepts that MI5 had no evidence that I had ever met Viktor Oshchenko. This is a very important point, because both Rimington and Gordievsky were trying to convince the jury that I had met Oshchenko and been recruited to the KGB by him back in the 1970s. On the evidence that Stella Rimington and MI5 had in their possession it appears that she was wrong to have argued that Oshchenko could have had anything to do with me in the past.

Cross-examination-Stella-Rimington.doc (42 pages, 205KB)

Cross-examination-Oleg-Gordievsky.doc (51 pages, 255KB)