23 August 2006

These documents pertain to the trial, conviction and jailing of John Michael Smith on charges of spying for the KGB.



Smith is discussing his experience here:


Anonymous writes:

I am attaching documents relating to the American double agent referred to as Mr E in the John Michael Smith case.

Two files are attached: a PDF of of the documents given to Smith's defence team before trial, and a Word document version of them. The originals are difficult to read in parts and the Word version may be useful.

http://cryptome.org/smith-mr-e.pdf (1.9MB)

http://cryptome.org/smith-mr-e.doc (282KB)

The documents in the files are:

1. (Unclassified) Three reports from the debriefing of Viktor Oshchenko in 1992 numbered 017 (1 page), 058 (1 page) and 201 (2 pages).

2. (Secret) Two reports of interviews of Mr E which appear to be from an unidentified US intelligence service in May 1980 (10 pages).

3. (Top Secret) Interview of Mr. E by the British intelligence, 26 August 1980 (8 pages).

4. (Secret) Letter by British intelligence, 11 November 1980 (1 page). 

5. (Unclassified) Interview of Mr. E by British intelligence, 26 August 1980 (3 pages).

6. (Secret) Note for File on interview of Mr. E by British intelligence, 15 October 1980 (2 pages).

7. (Unclassified) Two witness statements given by Mr. E to "M MacLeod DCS", before Smith's trial started in 1993 (5 pages).

The true identity of Mr E is unknown and his story has never become public.

The US intelligence document leaves the name "Linnell" in the text (i.e. not redacted). This is likely a codename but could be authentic.

Handwritten notes on the documents are by Smith defence persons.

Mr E played a key role in helping to convict Smith through his use of telephone booths to contact Oshchenko, and his trip to Portugal. The police deliberately set up Smith's entrapment by asking him to go to a phone box, and by finding a tourist map of Portugal amongst his holiday memorabilia for the perfect circumstantial evidence for the prosecution to claim he had an identical background to Mr E.

Together with the use of the names Viktor and George in the phone call on the morning of Smith's arrest, it is pretty clear that Mr E was in the background of Smith's case before he was even arrested -- the date on Mr. E's witness statements (21 June 1993) show that it was a long time before Smith's defence lawyers knew anything about E's involvement in the case.