26 October 2002
Source: http://planetpdf.com/mainpage.asp?webpageid=2434

As Planet PDF reports above, the Washington Post published October 26,2002, the DC-area sniper's letter to police with redactions which can be easily lifted with an Adobe Acrobat's TouchUp Object Tool. Restored redactions shown in red below.

                    Pg 1.

     For you Mr. Police

"Call me God."

Do not release to the press.

     We have tried to contact you

to start negotiation, But the

incompitence of your forces in

(i) Mongomery Police "Officer Derick"

at 240-773-5000 Friday.

(ii) Rockville Police Dept. "female officer"

(iii) Task force "FBI" "female"

at 1888-324-8800 (four times)

(iv) Priest at Ashland.

(v) On Washington DC at 202-898-7900

     These people took of calls

for a Hoax or Joke, so your

failure to respond has cost you

five lives.

     If stopping the killing is

[end page 1]

                    Pg 2.

more important than catching us

now, then you will accept our

demand which are non-nego-


(i) You will place ten million

dollar in Bank of America.

Account no. 4024-0046-2875


Pin no. 9595.

Activation date 08/01/01

Exp. date 09/04

Name: Jill Lynn Farell.

Member since 1974.

Platinum Visa Account.

     We will have unlimited withdra

withdrawal at any atm world-


     You will activate the bank

account, credit card, and pin


     We will contact you at

[end page 2]

                    Pg 3.

     (Ashland, VA)
Ponderosa ^ Buffet tel #: 798-9205

6:00 am Sunday Morning.

You have until 9:00 a.m.

Monday morning to complete


     "Try to catch us withdrawing

at least you will have less

body bags."


(ii) If trying to catch us now

more important then prepare

you body bags.

     If we give you our word

that is what takes place

     "Word is Bond."

P.S. your children are not

safe anywhere at any time.

[end page 3]