15 June 2004

A4. writes:

I saw your site revelations about the Garda in Ireland. I am also a subscriber to "The Phoenix" magazine in Ireland.

I love the idea of garda spooks being exposed but I have my doubts about the authenticity of the photos - I have no evidence, just doubts.

The Phoenix claims that your pictures are those of "regular" detectives shaowing an anit-war demonstration in Dublin. They have also printed your logo and website address in the latest issue.

Read this magazine for the latest Brit/Irish spook goings-on. They have proved over time to be the best source of relevant information in the state.

I would be very circumspect about publishing deeper details in Ireland - there are a lot of nasty people about  - not all of them "freedom fghters" of whatever hue. Ireland has a very politically active citizenry and a very "cute" criminal element. I would HATE to see your site hijacked by Garda, criminal or "freedom fighter" elements - it would defeat the purpose of its existence.

31 May 2004

A3. writes:

Your site received some serious coverage here in Ireland since its exposure of some members of the Gardai. Obviously you hit a nerve. Here are some more details you may be able to use:

Garda Pat Hogan is overall commander of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU).

Gda Michael Jackson was the ERU member who fired the fatal shot that killed John Carty in the Abbeylara siege in 2000.

Gda Martin Callinan is at present head of all Garda intelligence known as crime and security branch based at headquarters in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. He works closely with Britain's MI5, especially on matters relating to the IRA.

Gda Peter Maguire is head of the Special Detective Unit (SDU), based at Harcourt Street, Dublin. Educated as a barrister, he usually oversees questioning of IRA suspects, has been known in the past to have interrogation bugged so he can monitor how a suspect is performing and set out the questions accordingly to follow the pattern being taken by the suspect.

Garda organizational chart:


A2. writes:

I haven't got their photographs but I can give you the names of some branch  men.

1) Det Ins John Jordan

2) Det Sgt Walter O'Sullivan

3) Det Sgt Brendan Bunton

Here is a name of the guy which you may find interesting;

Walter Kirwan: I think he is attached to C3, but he has information linking the explosives used in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 17th May 1974 to a commercial explosives facility in the Irish Republic: Irish Industrial Explosives at Clona, Enfield, Co Meath.

22 May 2004

S. writes:

You have probably put the valued lives of our police men in great danger. Why did you do it, these men 'could' have been in very dangerous operations, and you blew their cover. That was an act of great foolishness.

T. writes:

u fool for printing the special branch photos

22 May 2004. A. writes:

To follow up on your expose of Irish Secret Police I have included a list of radio frequencies that the police use in Dublin Waterford and other areas. This info is available on the website www.dxzone.com. The Oscar units are the Special Branch units. They use use the designations Oscar 1, Oscar 2, etc., to denote each mobile unit. Even though the Irish police force use the TETRA radio system in Cork City, their C3 units could still be picked up on a hand held radio scanner during the visit of EU Health Ministers to Cork City.



    455.0000  GARDA  MOBILE  OSCAR  S>BRANCH  NFM    
    455.0250  GARDA  MOBILE  OSCAR  S>BRANCH  NFM    
    455.0500  GARDA  MOBILE  OSCAR  S>BRANCH  NFM    
    469.0000  GARDA  BASE    OSCAR  S>BRANCH  NFM    
    469.0250  GARDA  BASE    OSCAR  S>BRANCH  NFM    
    469.0500  GARDA  BASE    OSCAR  S>BRANCH  NFM

21 May 2004. See additional photos:


20 May 2004. J. writes:

An Garda Siochana is Ireland's National Police Service which has primary responsibility for law and order, including the protection of the internal security of the State.The Deputy Commissioner of Operations is responsible for the following three units:

Special Services
Security & Intelligence
Special Branch C3 Section (dealing with terrorism and subversion)

20 May 2004. Thanks to Anonymous.

More photos of Special Branch members and names of those shown welcomed. Send to: jya@pipeline.com