12 February 2006. Thanks to A.

These surveillance exercise instructions refer to locations near the FBI Academy, Quantico, VA:


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DATE: 13 June 2005                                                                             FAX NO. 703 623-7131

FAX for SA David English
After final check here are data on the four (4) IO drivers

Dumfries Scenario
Meeting at the Taco Hell, Rte 234 & Rte 1. Role player IO: Michelle Platt = START from the corner of Smoketown and Minnieville circa a mile to the north of Potomac Mills Mall. Park in the EXXON statIon on the west corner and leave from there. Driving a 1996 Altima, 4-door, dark green --- VA. License JDX 9027. Driver = Female/Cauc/age 30s' /5'8"/ over shoulders length, straight brown hair; sometimes wears shades. No glasses.

MontClair-Dale City Scenario
Meeting at Montclair Family Restaurant on Rte 234, north side; 1/4 mile west of I-95 exit ramp. IO Peggy Emmling = START from Dale City Mini-LABRARY [sic], corner of Dale Blvd and Minnieville Road in Dale City. Driving a CHEVY Van, "Venture" model, silver color. VA. license JNN 4892. Driver = female/Cauc./5'8"/ age late 40s/slim build/light brown hair worn short.

Triangle Scenario
Meeting at McDonald's in Triangle on Rte. 1. IO Laura Dietrich = START at the Post Office, Route 610, in Garrisonville, about a mile west from the I-95 Exit. Driving a 1996 Chevy CAMRY, roughly-used and dented, black color. VA tags: MZ-9216 [sic] Driver = female/Cauc./5'6"/ age late 40s/on the light rather than heavy side, chin-length blonde hair, no glasses.

[Photos below related to Dietrich added to text by Cryptome. The tag number in the text is wrong.]

Windshield tag reads: BOLLING AFB [Home of the Defense Intelligence Agency]. Dietrich is reportedly ex-CIA.

Garrisonville Scenario
Meeting at "'Botta Bing" BEGAL-Deli shop on Rte-610, Garrisonville Rd., west side of I-95. IO: Robert Miller will START from the TACO BELL restaurant on Rte 234, due west of the corner with Rte 1. Driving a new FORD "Excursion" SUV, black with Standard chrome trim, VA tags ABX-9691. Driver = male/cauc/5'9"/slender build/age 50s. Hair graying and balding in front; full gray-white beard but well trimmed.

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NLT 10 JUN 2005

For Role players: Michelle Platt & Mrak; Emmling & Neist; Laura Dietrich & Jones; Miller & Kerr-McKown

Info: David English
Subject: Week 2 Day 2 Exercise #2 (Contact Case- Surveillance)
I PAIRS (4) will work independently on this exercise:

Dumfries Scenario
IO = Michelle Platt (HTG -PI)
Cell= 703 930-8700
UNSUB: Émigré, Businessman
Robert Mrak (FBI Ret.)
Cell= 703 622-9390

Meeting at the Taco Bell at Rte 1 on Rte 234, next to gas station.
start from the comer of Smoketown and Minnieville Rds. Park in the EXXON station on the southwest comer.
(ADC atlas, Prince Wm County, page 21/ J-l)

MontClair-Dale City Scenario
IO = Peggy Emmling (CIA Ret.)
Cell= 703 850-9224
UNSUB: University Professor
Terry Neist (FBI Ret.)
Cell= 804 512-8829

Meeting at Monclair Family Restaurant, Rte 234, west side of and 1/4 mile from I-p5 [sic] exit ramp to Rte 234 (direction = Manassas).

IO will START from Dale City MINI-LIBRARY, corner of Dale Blvd and Minnieville Road in Dale City.

Triangle Scenario
IO= Laura Dietrich
Cell= 540 295-6393
UNSUB : émigré-engineer-traveler
Court Jones (FBI Ret.)
Cell= 703 282 8783

Meeting at McDonald's in Triangle on Rte 1 at I-95 Access ramp.
IO to START at Post Office, Route 610 on north side, in Garrisonville, about a mile from the I-95 Exit Ramp.

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Rte 610 Garrisonville Scenario
IO= Robert Miller (CIA Ret.)
Cell= 571 331-9594
UNSUB : Small Business Owner
Margearet Kerr-McKOWN (USN)
Cell= 703 402 8930

Meeting at "Botta Bing" BAGEL-deli shop on Rte 610, Garrisonville Rd., circa 1.5 miles west of I-95 exit ramp onto 610 west.

IO to start from the corner of Rte 234 and Rte 1 Dumfries (the Taco Bell parking lot).

2. Descriptions: IO drivers, please re-confirm car makes and tags no later than Tuesday morning. Class will not have photos of the IOs. Class teams will RELY on the vehicle description plus ... "white male, approx age 92 wearing pink chiffon jockey shorts" etc, etc... The instructors will pass this information to the class the morning of Exercise Day (Tuesday).

3. Meeting Sites: Pairs will arrange to meet and rehearse on Tuesday AM. Suggest you meet at the sites that each pair will use, but I defer to you on where to meet and do your planning-rehearsal. Do it. [see 1st page]

4. Place to Start the Excercise: IO SDRs will start, naturally, at the START points listed above. The plan should have at least 2 "cover stops" for a 45-minute run, with reasons for them to be explained at the critique sessions. The route and stops need to have at least one-two "teaching points" for the class members to consider.

5. Time to Start: It may be necessary to contact the drivers on their SDRs, to make the exercise work as it should, so cellular commo is essential. For the START, a clear signal is needed. The IO RP will STOP at the Start Point and wait until someone contacts the role player and says that the student Team is ready to follow. Don't rely on the quoted time but we hope it will begin at or close to 1:05 pm.

6. For the "return leg" to the Academy, the 4 RP IOs and the 4 UNSUBs destination will be the Lobby of Jefferson Hall where we always enter the Academy building. Just wait there for the instructors to guide you to the correct room for an "after action" critique. Look for one of the instructors.

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AN ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR WILL BE PRESENT AT KICK OFF TIMES AND THEN MONITOR THE EXERCISE. DRIVING JEEP CHEROKEE, DARK BLUE WITH ROOF RACK AND U.S. FLAG ON REAR PANEL. VA TAGS = YUV-3229. DRIVER = MALE/CAUC. of craggy & ancient appearance but will all of his hair on top and one eye brow. Always wears glasses. May have a female passenger in front seat.