18 June 2006. MI5 Forest Gate Bungle Trigger:


18 June 2006. Response to this report:


When Journalists turn sour, by betraying their sources: The War of Spies

17 June 2006. Wikipedia on Phoenix Magazine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_(magazine)

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17 June 2006. In response to a telephone request from Sam Rosenfeld to remove this report, Cryptome responds:


We would like to publish your response to the report, fight fire with fire, if you will. The story is out there so removal from Cryptome will have no effect, while your response will be newsworthy to counter the obvious attack and attempt to put you in harm's way.

If you know who aided preparation of the biased report that would be newsworthy as well.

You are no doubt experienced with measures to protect yourself from these kinds of attacks. The dirty wars of spies never end.

17 June 2006. Thanks to A.

Sam Rosenfeld's letter to the Queen and other documents: http://cryptome.org/fru-hrh.htm

More on Thomas Doheny: http://cryptome.org/jsg-doheny.htm




Affairs of the Nation.

Spare a thought for Tommy 'the Spy' Doheny, the London born and bred former Galway-based con man presently being harrassed by the British media following the Forest Gate debacle in which the Metropolitan Police controversially raided a Muslim home.

Tommy made his name in Ireland in 1992 as a con man who specialised in supplying bags of NET ammonium nitrate fertiliser to the British Army, claiming they were the makings of bombs his IRA ''brothers-in-law'' had obtained. (He later told the Sunday Business Post he pinched the fertliser from a Monaghan farmyard.  He has no brothers-in-law).

When the Brits copped on to Tommy, he fell out with them and has since conducted a media campaign with his close associate Kevin Fulton (Peter Keeley).  They claim they are each due a large gratuity and a pension as ex-spies.  Tommy's campaign has included letters to Her Majesty the Queen and litigation against Tony Blair and senior British military officers.  He returns to Ireland regularly, his last public appearance being in front of TV cameras in Andersonstown when he visited the home of Freddie Scappaticci, the aleged IRA spy.  Tommy rang the media and invited them to view him serving a writ on Scappaticci.

Facing civil court proceedings by the British government which resulted in a lifetime injunction, he changed his name by deed poll to Samuel Jay Rosenfeld and moved to Waltham Forest, London, from where he now runs a chemicals firm.

London journalists probing the background to the Forest Gate raid were told by security sources (ie The Met Police) that the intelligence had come from a single British based informant to an individual MI5 case officer.  The information was so strong that reservations by Scotland Yard about acting on a single source alone (who was at that time not identified to them by MI5) were over-ruled by Downing Street who gave the go-ahead for a raid.

MI5 believed the Forest Gate house was being used to prepare a cyanide bomb to release deadly hydrogen cyanide gas or equally deadly sodium or potassium cyanide powder.  No great expertise is needed to prepare such a home-made bomb and chemicals needed can be obtained through even a small commercial firm.

Last year, Rosenfeld and Fulton made contact with Muslims in London.  The result was a hilariously unlikely front page story in The Independent on Sunday (December 21 2005) which quoted Fulton-Keeley as saying that IRA technology was being used by Iraqi insurgents and that this had been supplied by the FBI through him at a meeting in New York, to the IRA.  Tommy Doheny-Rosenfeld's chemicals firm is a few streets away in East London from Lansdowne Road in Forest Gate, where last week's spectacular raid involving 250 armed police and MI5  officers took place.

It's easy to see how the Met Police, with such egg on their face, might leak information to the media about the source of that MI5 intelligence which made them look like fools.  This could explain why Tommy has been door-stepped and is being harassed by the media.  His record as the author of bogus espionage conspiracies is well documented in newspaper cuttings on the internet, as is his claim to have worked for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.