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17 December 2009. A Zipped file noted below which contained the badly redacted screening document has deleted the file.

10 December 2009. Add link to a message on December 5, 2009, first reporting discovery of the ineptly-redacted
TSA screening document. This message is credited by for its report on
December 6, 2009.


8 December 2009

The unredacted TSA screening document (Zipped PDF):

The original ineptly redacted version (Zipped PDF):

TSA Blows Smoke for Sensitive Screening Document


Washington Post

December 8, 2009

TSA learned of the failure that day and has since taken "swift action," an official said. As part of its response, the TSA replaced the document on the government procurement Web site with a more secure version.

After reading this TSA claim, Cryptome took a look at the federal procurement Web site ( to see what the "secure version" looked like. However, the Screening solicitation page could not be found. However, a Google cache of the page is available, at right:


Clicking on Amendment 2 brings up the page at right with a title and Solicitation Number different from the Screening solicitation although the amendment documents listed fit the Screening solicitation:


17 December 2009. The Zipped file has had the screening document removed. See the mirror below for original Zipped file.

While the Screening Management SOP has been unlinked, showing 0.00 Kb file size, clicking on the button "Download Zip File" brings in a Zip file containing the poorly redacted file which TSA claimed to the Washington Post had been replaced.

If the link does not produce the Zipped file here is a mirror:



Note the 3/3/09 date listed in the Zip file for the Screening Management SOP document, cover sheet a right: [Image]
It appears that TSA has relocated the Screening procurement document to a camouflaged location. Indeed, on December 8, 2009 this solicitation was changed:


While there are no amendments shown for this solicitation, clicking on the "Packages" button produces a list of documents for the Screening procurement, the same Screening solicitation Amendment 2 presented above.

It may be that TSA has relocated the Screening solicitation to some other FBO location with a "secure version" of the Screening SOP. Even so, the insecure version remains available on the FBO site.

TSA offered a version in the original Screening solicitation which redacted in two manners, one insecure, one secure, mirrored here: