1 May 2006


29 April 2006

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Issued by the National Party of the Congo (PNC)
Contact : PNC Chairperson Jemadari Kilele : + 27 82 057 2768

United Nations' role in DRC

The Parti National Congolais (PNC) welcomes in part the recent showing of Sky News footage of the visit by Mr Martin Bell on behalf of UNICEF to eastern Congo.

Nonetheless parts of that broadcast have created a false impression of UN (MONUC) humanitarian caring across DRC. The UN has for some time, since the appointment of Mr Bill Swing to head MONUC in DRC, been as much a part of the problem as the so-called militias. His legacy continues, sadly.

Mr Bell is an acknowldged person of principle, possesed of true empathy at the human level and his protrayal via witness accounts of the brutal inhumanity of the DRC military run by Josef Kanambe (aka Josef Kabila) from Kinshasa is indeed accurate if muted.

'Marauding militias' used as a short-hand phrase for any armed force outside of the Kanambe Military and the UN military in MONUC, is misleading. While it is true many militias are present, it needs be understood that many of these are fronts for Kanambe, the Rwandan junta of Paul Kagame such as the Rally for Congolese Democracy (RCD) and mining houses such as were exposed to be used by Anglo Gold Ashanti of South Africa.

Some of the so-called militias, such as some groups of the Mai Mai are Congolese patriots force to bear arms to protect themselves and the people against Kanambe, Rwandans, the Ugandans, their business partners and now MONUC. This did not come across in the Sky News report.

Recent reports by the British Broadcasting Corporation citing uncritically RCD and Kanambe propaganda machinery to the effect that the Mai Mai are also militias run amok are a disservice to that revered institution's past reputation. However, bear in mind that the BBC is not overstaffed with Martin Bells' nowadays; and as an organ of the British state, the BBC does act in concert with Mr Blair's aims in the DRC which are to make Liebensraum for the Rwandan Tutsi into Congo, secure access to DRC resources and realign power relations across the African Great Lakes region. Four million have died as a result in the DRC's slow-motion holocaust.

Martin Bell is perhaps unaware of the callouse nature of the MONUC itself - many of whom are using rape and coerced sex with Congolese and consequently speading the HIV/AIDS virus. Recall William Swing's indifference to this state of affairs at a conference in Pretoria, South Africa and his proffered solution of maybe funding a NGO to look after AIDS orphans and those traumatised and infected by the UN. Not all organs of the UN, it should be understood, are deployed in support of lofty goals such as those advanced by UNICEF. Indeed UNICEF is undoing its good work by too close an association with MONUC and other the UN agencies on the ground in DRC.

Germany is now contemplating a deployment into Congo in ultimate support of British goals backed by the UN and African Union. We wish to inform the German people that this Merkel policy is a mistake. DRC cannot be a venue for another European jamboree. Justice demands that those responsible for the DRC holocaust have their Nurenburg.

Accordingly when graphic images of Congolese Python swallowing United Nations' agents in DRC appear (as set out below) it evokes jubilation among the rape victims of MONUC and among Congolese patriots everywhere including the diaspora (attached file).

We urge all those intending to join with the faux national election jamboree in June this year to earnestly re-consider their actions, if for no other reason, moral concerns.

Image horrible provenant du Congo : Un agent des Nations-Unies avalé par un boa!!

Un agent des Nations-Unies en poste en RDC s'est éloigné un moment de ses collègues, pour prendre de l'air. Et voici tout ce qui a été retrouvé.