3 March 2004

Foreign Electronic Surveillance in the US

A professional in the field of technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) states about the US government tolerance of diplomatic electronic spying in the US, including the United Nations (notwithstanding international treaty and US law prohibiting such spying):

1. Britain, Canada and Australia have greater latitude for electonic spying in the US than other countries.

2. Foreign governments can electronically spy on one another in the US but not on US citizens.

3. Electronic spying can be done only from diplomatically-exempt locations -- office home or vehicle.

4. Electronic spying can be done only by government officials not private contractors hired for the purpose.

5. Private contractors are not likely to have as sophisticated equipment as governments and will almost certainly be detected by governmental targets and/or USG TSCM units.

6. Governments locate their premises to have line-of-sight of targets and to be nearby.

7. Orientation of visible antennae on government premises can indicate targets.