23 Janaury 2006. James Atkinson writes:

The TSCM-L discussion forum has been moved over to Google after being shutdown on Yahoo.

Could you post a note about the Group being moved to the page on Cryptome (http://cryptome.org/yahoo-kills.htm) that announces Yahoo killing the group due to "classified information" being posted.

The new group can be found at: http://groups.google.com/group/TSCM-L2006

If someone prefers to not use Google or does not want to have a Google account to join the list, but still wants to join that can E-Mail me privately at jmatk[at]tscm.com and I can manually add them.

We have a solid membership of over 1300 subscribers, which makes it one of the larger groups in the world, and likely the largest list on the world on the specific subject matter.

11 January 2006

TSCM-L (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures List) has vanished but is still listed as a group at Yahoo:


Surveillance bug frequencies:


James Atkinson (www.tscm.com) writes:

On January 10, 2006, Yahoo killed my TSCM-L mailing list, and they are playing games with me about it. The last time this happened was during the DNC when I posted details to the list about the really appalling bad security that was being implemented during the DNC, and numerous government employees and contractors applied pressure to Yahoo and they pulled the list.. Eventually they reactivated the list (after the DNC), but pulled it down during the RNC a few months later only a restore it a couple of days later. You will recall that the government applied pressure to you about the DNC (in)Security report and that you were able to determine that a government contractor was behind the attempt to censor the data and squelch me.

The curious thing is that on January 5, 2006, I had uploaded a series file into a folder on the files section of my TSCM-L list titled bugs02a.icf, bugs02b, etc.. which I suspect really upset some government types. The files contained detailed programming instructions and data files that would be used to command an inexpensive Icom scanner or receiver to hunt down bugs. Each file contained roughly 900 to 1000 bug frequencies, and the technical parameters of various bug bands which would allow a victim of eavesdropping to purchase a scanner for a couple of hundred bugs and detect and locate the majority of illegal bugs, government bugs, spyshop bugs, and bugs used by intelligence agencies worldwide. In the file I included the frequencies of FBI bugs, DHS bugs, military bugs, CIA bugs, MI5 bugs, RCMP, and related agencies plus the "house frequencies" of all the major manufacturers of eavesdropping devices. These files would give someone who is hunting for bugs an enormous advantage over an eavesdropper. Early this morning several people sent me Email that they had tried to download the file, but that it was missing from the file area and that the folder in which it was located had also been quietly deleted... then a few hours later Yahoo quietly deleted the group altogether.

These files come at a most inopportune moment for the U.S. Government as they have recently been caught performing illegal eavesdropping in violation and naked defiance of U.S. law, and these files will make it easier for victims to protect themselves and to expose illegal eavesdropping.

I suspect that it was actually this set of files that caused Yahoo to pull the list. I am also a Yahoo shareholder, and plan to make my displeasure over this censoring known to some people in senior positions. Yahoo should not be pulling Groups, or deleting files merely because it embarrasses a crooked government official or exposes a government contractor who gets caught defecating on the Constitution.

Yahoo needs to restore this Group, and restore these files... shame on them for this.



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