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2 September 2008

[Federal Register: September 2, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 170)]
[Presidential Documents]               
[Page 51211]
From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access []

                        Presidential Documents 


Title 3--
The President

[[Page 51211]]

                Notice of August 28, 2008

                Continuation of the National Emergency With 
                Respect To Certain Terrorist Attacks

                Consistent with section 202(d) of the National 
                Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing 
                for 1 year the national emergency I declared on 
                September 14, 2001, in Proclamation 7463, with respect 
                to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, New 
                York, New York, the Pentagon, and aboard United 
                Airlines flight 93, and the continuing and immediate 
                threat of further attacks on the United States.

                Because the terrorist threat continues, the national 
                emergency declared on September 14, 2001, and the 
                powers and authorities adopted to deal with that 
                emergency, must continue in effect beyond September 14, 
                2008. Therefore, I am continuing in effect for an 
                additional year the national emergency I declared on 
                September 14, 2001, with respect to the terrorist 

                This notice shall be published in the Federal Register 
                and transmitted to the Congress. 
                    (Presidential Sig.)

                THE WHITE HOUSE,

                    August 28, 2008

[FR Doc. E8-20444
Filed 8-29-08; 8:45 am]

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