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4 November 2008

London New Embassy
Solicitation Number: SAQMMA09RLONDON2009
Agency: Department of State
Office: Office of Logistics Management
Location: Acquisition Management

* Original Synopsis

Oct 30, 2008
10:51 am

The U.S. Department of State (DOS), Office of Logistics Management, on behalf of the Office of Overseas Buildings Operations, is seeking a qualified A/E firm, joint venture or other such entity, to design the new U.S. Embassy located in London, United Kingdom. The Embassy building will be in the range of 45,000-50,000 gross square meters in area.

The intended site is located in Nine Elms, Wandsworth, near the Vauxhall Bridge on the river Thames, and is approximately 20,000 square meters in size.

The estimated construction budget is between $450 million and $550 million. This is a design-bid-build project. The resultant design contract will be fixed price.

The selection will be made in three steps. Step One will focus on the qualifications of the design firms, partnerships, corporations, associations, joint ventures, or other legal entities, and the proposed lead designers. In this step, firms will be judged by a panel that includes American architects with experience in the design of American Embassies and other government buildings. Those firms having the best applicable design expertise and experience will be invited to propose their entire project design team, which will be evaluated in Step Two. The design teams selected in Step Two for further consideration will then be invited to participate in Step Three, a design competition, which will serve as the basis for the final selection.

The scope of services under the proposed contract includes architecture and urban design; structural, civil, mechanical, and geotechnical engineering; space planning and systems furniture integration; interior design; security and communications systems design; blast and fire protection engineering; landscape design; cost estimating; scheduling; value engineering; administrative coordination of the various disciplines involved; services during construction; and compliance with U.S. Government requirements and the applicable laws, codes and standards of the Borough of Wandsworth, the Greater London Authority, London, United Kingdom.

The building will be designed and constructed in hard metric (System International) units. Each design submission, including drawings prepared for the competition, shall include BIM modeling files.

Step Three of the competition, and the subsequent Embassy design, require access to classified information.

Step One. Firms, partnerships, corporations, associations, joint ventures, or other legal entities, responding to this announcement on or before the closing date will be considered for selection using the evaluation criteria identified below--100 points maximum:

(1) Past Performance on Design. Submit written narrative descriptions, graphics, or photographs, describing not more than five designs completed within the past 10 years, including dates of design completion and construction completion. A maximum of five 8.5 inch x 11 inch sheets of paper per project, in both hard copy and electronic format. The projects shall be government, corporate, or institutional facilities, comparable in complexity and scope to the subject project, and located in urban settings. Firms may meet this requirement, by association with firms that have this experience, provided the firm having 51 percent or greater interest in the joint venture is the one completing the application. These criteria will be used to evaluate the designs: (a) The appropriateness of each building for the urban environment in which it is located; (b) how well each building satisfies the functional and operational requirements of its users; and (c) the environmental sensitivity and the use of Green design practices for each building's design. The description for each design should specifically address how the design responds to each of the foregoing criteria. In addition, the narrative should identify any awards, peer recognition, etc., that the design received-60 points maximum.

(2) Lead Designer Profile and Portfolio. Include a biographical sketch including education, professional experience, and design awards received. Identify and describe proposed areas of responsibility and commitment to the subject project. Submit written narrative descriptions, graphics, or photographs (maximum five 8.5 inch x 11 inch sheets of paper per project) of not more than three recent designs, including dates of design completion and construction completion. (These may be in addition to the five designs submitted in response to (1) above.) Also, explain the role, if any, of the proposed lead designer in the projects described in response to (1) above. The narrative should include a discussion of design challenges and resolutions including how the designs responded to user requirements-30 points maximum.

(3) Philosophy and Design Intent. State the following (maximum of two typewritten pages), (a) overall design philosophy; (b) methods for identifying, analyzing, integrating, and interpreting design parameters, including user's functional, operational, and technical requirements; (c) philosophy of creating a U.S. Embassy with a focus on any unique considerations because of its location; and (d) professional responsibility as the lead designer-10 points maximum.

Step Two. In Step Two, the firms short-listed in Step One shall identify, and the Government shall evaluate, their entire project team, their designated lead designer, and all the consultants that will work on the project. Local consulting team members are encouraged to contribute, where appropriate, on unclassified areas of work.

The design firms short-listed in Step One may form a project team by joining with other short-listed firms or other entities or individuals. To facilitate their efforts to identify the most highly qualified team members, the short-listed firms will be announced in FedBizOpps.Gov prior to the closing date for Step Two submissions. A maximum of 12 short-listed firms will be invited to submit a Standard Form 330 for their entire project team and interview as appropriate. Selection criteria, and the closing date for Step Two submissions, will be provided after the short-list is approved in Step One.

Criteria will include, at a minimum, each project team's professional qualifications, experience and past performance, organization and management, and subcontracting plans. Step Three. A design competition, judged by a panel that includes outside professionals, and conducted with the assistance of a competition adviser, will constitute the final step in the selection process. The teams selected in Step Two for further consideration in Step Three (up to a maximum of six firms) will be notified in writing, and a package of information including project requirements, site information, procedural rules, submission requirements and evaluation criteria will be distributed and used to prepare the submissions for the design competition. A fixed stipend, in an amount yet to be determined, but intended to defray the costs of the design competition, will be provided to offerors submitting timely proposals that comply with the requirements for Step Three submissions.

In order to be eligible for award of this contract, the successful contractor must possess a Defense Security Service (DSS) Secret Facility Clearance (FCL), with Secret safeguarding capability, issued in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), DOD 5220.22-M.

Personnel requiring access to classified information contained in the Step Three design requirements package must possess Secret personnel security clearances. Certain design team subcontractors/consultants may also require FCLs and personnel security clearances for access to classified portions of the Step Three design requirements package.

Contractors already possessing the necessary FCL should submit their appropriate Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code with their Step One submission.

If a contractor making the Step Three short-list does not possess an Interim or Final Secret FCL, the Department of State will sponsor the uncleared firm for an FCL. Sponsorship does not guarantee that the firm will receive the clearance. Until short-listed firms have been issued the appropriate FCL, and received DSS approval to safeguard classified documents, they will not receive the classified portions of the Step Three project design requirements package. A period of 90 days from the date of sponsorship will be allowed for an uncleared contractor to obtain the necessary FCL.

The Government will not be obligated to extend its competition schedule, if any short-listed sponsored firm has not been issued a FCL. Firms which form joint ventures must also comply with the above FCL requirements. Each entity comprising the joint venture must be issued an FCL, as well as the joint venture. Foreign firms are not eligible for FCLs.

Only U.S. firms organized and operating in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, or a U.S. possession or trusted territory, are eligible for facility clearances.

U.S. firms which are determined to be under Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) are not eligible for a FCL unless actions (as directed and approved by DSS) can be taken to effectively negate or reduce associated FOCI risks to an acceptable level. This process often takes more than the 90 days allotted for this competition. Information on the clearance process can be found on the DSS website, at, under Industrial Security.

Short-listed contractors may utilize non-U.S. firms as design team subcontractors on unclassified portions of the competition, however, the Department reserves the right to review and reject potential design team subcontractors for security reasons during the Step Two teaming review.

A copy of the Prohibited Countries List, from which contractors may not choose design team members, can be obtained from the Contracting Officer listed in the last paragraph of this announcement. Firms being considered for award under this acquisition are limited to "United States Person" offerors, as defined in the Act. The offeror must complete and submit as part of its qualification package the pamphlet, Certifications Relevant to Public Law 99-399, Statement of Qualifications for Purpose of Section 402 of The Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986. (The pamphlet is attached to this announcement and may also be obtained from the Contracting Officer listed at the end of this notice.)

If a joint venture is formed, the company having 51 percent or greater interest in the JV must be the one completing the pamphlet. This is a pass/fail evaluated area. Submissions from offerors who do not receive a pass rating will not be further evaluated.

This is not a request for proposals.

Since a contract may result in an award over $500,000, large businesses shall be required to submit a small business subcontracting plan prior to contract award. The DOS Fiscal Year 2009 subcontracting goals are: small business 49.6%; small disadvantaged business 5.0%; women-owned business 5.0%; HUBZone business 3.0%; and service disabled veteran business 3.0%. The North American Industry Classification System code is 541310, $4.5 million average.

Selection shall be in accordance with the Brooks Act, P.L. 92-582 (40 U.S.C. 1101-1104). Design firms that meet the above-listed requirements, are invited to submit one original signature and two photocopies of the documents listed under the Step One evaluation criteria.

All submissions listed in Step One (including the statement of qualifications of P.L. 99-399, and a description of the proposed legal relationship between A/E entities), must be received by 10:00 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time, on December 3, 2008. Requests for clarification must be submitted, in writing, to Mr. Brian Mulcahy, not later than 2:00 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time, on November 19, 2008. The e-mail address to submit clarification questions is U.S. Postal Service mailing address: Mr. Brian Mulcahy, U.S. Department of State, A/LM/AQM/FDCD, Room L-600, P.O. Box 9115, Arlington, VA 22219. Courier address (Federal Express, UPS, etc): Mr. Brian Mulcahy, U.S. Department of State, Office of Logistics Management, 1701 North Fort Myer Drive, Room L-600, Arlington, VA 22209. Note: The Post Office does not deliver to 1701 N. Fort Myer Drive.

Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.

Omnibus Questionnaire


Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)


Omnibus Questionnaire

Posted Date:

October 30, 2008

Omnibus Prequal. Quest..doc (80.00 Kb)

Description: Certifications Relevant to Public Law 99-399.

Contracting Office Address:

P.O. Box 9115
Rosslyn Station
Arlington, Virginia 22219

Place of Performance:

United States
Arlington, Virginia 22209
United States

Primary Point of Contact.:

Brian F Mulcahy,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 875-6012

Secondary Point of Contact:

David L Vivian,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 7038756991
Fax: 7038756699