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16 July 2014

Deborah Natsios-Cryptome City of Redactions Motherboard


Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 18:03:21 +0200
Subject: Re: City of Redactions
From: Joseph Cox <josephfranciscox[at]>
To: John Young <jya[at]>
Cc: Deborah Natsios <dn[at]>

Brilliant, cheers!

On 30 June 2014 18:02, John Young <jya[at]> wrote:

Dear Joseph,

Thanks very much for a stimulating discussion and speedy recording.

[Deborah Natsios remarks excerpted from 1-hour Skype audio recording provided by Cox.]

Deborah's book, publication forthcoming 2014

City of Redactions: Decrypting the Border Atlas
Deborah Natsios, Cryptome

City of Redactions excavates the Cold War border-crossings that fissure myriad internal boundaries of New York's post-9/11 security city. This atlas of border mapping deploys micro-history's narrative legends to decrypt landscapes redacted by geostrategic abstractions, opening them up to granular scales of a new public domain.

After 9/11, supply chains dispersing from the global South into New York City were interdicted by a covert biopolitics of mobility deeply  rooted in the Cold War. Global South migrants transiting through mobile policing regimes of command-and-control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance superimpose 21st century micro-cartographies of intervention onto the city's sedimented narratives of Cold War containment. New overlays inflect embedded 20th century topographies where frontier biopolitics provide backstories for present-day chronicles of conflict diaspora.



Our video about radical cultures of repair: MEET-ME at Your Riser


Deborah and John


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