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6 July 2014

Now Applebaum

A sends:

Now Applebaum's doing it, with the Xkeyscore source - releasing only a tiny fragment, in the article about Tor and Tails being detection terms for the intel peeps.

And it looks like the Post, at least, is not prepared to release all of the FISA material. I hope that someone is assembling a database of the identifiers in the dataset - names and emails - and prepping that for release.

While I can understand not publishing the contents of the mails, those don't need to be published for quite a bit more useful data to be available.


This piecemealing is common among the Snowden doc withholders. As if they do not know what to do with the full material, so dribble the parts they understand (or judge the public will believe) with lengthy narratives confected with modest evidence.

The early claim that Snowden carefully organized the material for accessibility and understanding seems to have been overstated, or he misunderstood the capabilities of the recipients. And now makes the best of his misjudgment by supporting whatever they do.

Expect that Snowden was astute enough to place the material with several outlets (some still unknown), presuming one or more of them will be unable to handle the full collection due to its breadth, complexity and, most importantly, little-known technology of which hardly any has been released in favor the civil lib material.

We think the unknown outlets will step up to release when the known have depleted their comprehension and exploitation of civil lib cream off the top.

However, Appelbaum has far exceeded other outlets for providing technical coverage of the Snowden releases.