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23 July 2014

FOIA to Director of National Intelligence for Snowden Documents

To: dni-foia[at]
From: John Young <jya[at]>
Date: 7/23/2014, 09:08 ET
Subject: FOIA Request

Jennifer L. Hudson
Director, Information Management Division
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Washington, D.C. 20511

Dear Ms. Hudson,

I request any and all information and records on documents reportedly taken by Edward Snowden from the National Security Agency, in particular:

1. An accounting of the documents by type, digital or non-digital, by number of files and pages.

2. To whom Edward Snowden transmitted the documents by name, occupation, nationality, and home address.

3. What documents were transmitted to each of the parties in Item 2, by type, number of files and pages.

4. Descriptions of consultation with the US government by those who received documents from Edward Snowden.

5. Descriptions of requests by the US government to redact or eliminate portions of the documents, to whom requests were made and date.

6. Assessments by the US government of the impact of the public release of the documents, by assessing agency with scope and date.

7. Agreements reached between the US government and the parties releasing and/or holding the documents for future release, by scope and schedule.

I am an individual seeking information for personal use and not for commercial use.

I am willing to pay $500 for my request.

I request a waiver of all fees for this request. Reason: This information will be published on the free public education website,, to inform the public on the documents provided by Edward Snowden to commercial media.

Thank you.


John Young
251 West 89th Street
New York, New York 10024