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22 August 2014

When Google Met WikiLeaks Note

When Google Met WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, OR Books, 2014

A pungent account by Assange of the banality of corporate evil, as he terms Google. Assange says the exchange with Eric Schmidt and colleagues may be his best interview -- which composes about half the volume.

The remarks of Google's team are dismissably fatuous. Skip them, read Assange closely, go back, read again.

It is by far the most sagacious and informative book on WikiLeaks, as Assange describes its philosophy, origin, operation, staffing, tribulations, challenges and future, in the interview but more comprehensively in accompanying essays.

Amply footnoted, this is a definitive source for understanding WikiLeaks' impact and should be required for curricula of universities where cryptography, journalism, espionage, citizenship, ethics, law, philosophy, sociology, business, diplomacy, to name a few, are taught all too comfortably incestuously. Better for its lessons to be heeded to escape over-regulated, self-vaunting institutions cruelly indenturing students -- in emulation of WikiLeaks online library to inform oneself self-critically to counter the bloat of authoritative simulacra and manipulatively hollow ranking promoted by advertising hyper-numericizing Googloligarchy and its abject handmaiden social and media of all guises.

Reflecting on Google's abject climbing in bed with government with other spying cooperators, what if Omidyar had come on board to back WikiLeaks in 2010 to confront devious authority. Maybe is now doing just that, but nothing about it in this book.


The book is not available on Amazon, a pity, but to hell with Amazon corporatacratic monopolizing like Google. We dropped by OR Books to buy it today. Order many for your libraries and work shops, avoid narcotizing computers-mobiles and ignorizing search engines: