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16 September 2014

Giganews Denial Campaign

Re: Giganews Is an FBI Operation:

Orchestrated PR against every leaker is to demonize: call the leaker a sad case who needs psychiatric help, whose life style is scrutinized for damning behavior aided by fabricated ruses and testimonies against the leaker.

Officials, CEOs, lawyers, co-workers are set in motion to slur, ridicule, laugh at, scowl at, condemn, smear, pity and rage against the leaker. Retractions and redactions are demanded to protect he innocent. But never admit the truth of the leaks until after more leaks, then grudingly, with shallow apologies, layer by layer as the leaking continues.

Attacks are initiated on the leaker's outlets and supporters, accusing them of being duped and hoaxed, demand that they too recant and admit being taken in by a crafty operator who did not understand the full picture, and was not a reliable worker.

This is the pattern of cover-up, and it is widespread among malefactors working the same territory of duping the public on behalf of the government, usually after themselves being entrapped by officials and extorted into becoming informers and co-conspirators with officials. And if all goes well handsome contracts are used to cement the malefaction as a part of successful business of betrayal.

This is what Nick Caputo revealed of Giganews, this is what Giganews must deny as formulaicly denied by Stratfor, by HG Gary, by Sabu, by Google, by Microsoft, by NSA, by DoJ, by FBI, on and on.