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20 September 2014

RFC Fast Against Endless War and Spying

Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 19:56:43 -0700
From: Odinn Cyberguerrilla <odinn.cyberguerrilla[at]>
To: cypherpunks[at]
Subject: Activism questions, please reply to thread by e-mail or if you
 prefer by bitmessage [included]


Recent events have led me to seriously consider a fast.  In protest culture there has been a difference between how hunger strikes and fasts are looked at.  The difference is explained well enough here:

I would like to get your opinions pro or con.  Please feel free to tell
me just how important it is that I should consider it or just how
ridiculous it is that I am even bringing it up.  I value your opinion.
However, I would greatly appreciate receiving your opinion, no matter
how much or how little you have to say, within a day's time from when I
am sending this message.

See also:

Causes that most interest me are related to the interest of the USA
police state to militarize and surveill at home while attempting to
engage in war after war overseas without end,

The coercive and violent methods that the US government and governments
like it (e.g. Russia, China, and many others) around the globe use in
order to forcibly extract through taxation from residents so that they
can wage war profitably.

The social problems inherent in unquestioning compliance with
nationality and laws attached to such notions, and the alternatives
which could be presented through decentralization of giving systems
which are more similar to those found in nature.

I realize that if I do this I'm going to have to distill a cause and
make it palatable and reduce it basically to one so that it's clear and
to the point (in addition to have clear and obvious targets for who is the person or persons who I mean to draw attention to by way of the fast, etc.)

If you'd rather not reply by e-mail, here's a public bitmessage address
associated with this issue that any of you can reply to:


Details of bitmessage installation regardless of whatever operating system you have are here:


I look forward to your advice.