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9 October 2014

8000+ Hacker Disclaimers

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10/08/2014 10-K for VILLAGE SUPER MARKET INC

It is possible that computer hackers, cyber terrorists and others may be able to defeat the security measures in place at Wakefern or those of third-party service providers.

10/08/2014 S-1 for ASPEN GROUP INC

Our computer networks may also be vulnerable to unauthorized access, computer hackers, computer viruses and other security problems.


We and third parties with whom we may contract could be subject to breaches of security by hackers. Our encryption of data and other protective measures may not prevent unauthorized access to or use of sensitive data.

10/07/2014 F-1/A for Cnova N V

Our use of open source software may also present additional security risks because the source code for open source software is publicly available, which may make it easier for hackers and other third parties to determine how to breach our sites and systems that rely on open source software.

10/06/2014 424B3 for AMEC PLC

Information and communication systems by their nature are susceptible to internal and external security breaches, including computer hacker and cyber terrorist breaches, employee wilful breaches and employees succumbing to criminal scamming from external sources, and can fail or become unavailable for a significant period of time.

10/06/2014 S-1 for INC Research Holdings Inc

We have been and expect that we will continue to be subject to attempts to gain unauthorized access to or through our information systems or those we internally or externally develop for our customers, including a cyber-attack by computer programmers and hackers who may develop and deploy viruses, worms or other malicious software programs.

10/06/2014 40-17G for FPA CAPITAL FUND INC

Items 4 of the Declarations is hereby amended by adding the following under Optional Insuring Agreements and Coverages:

Destruction of Data or Programs by Hacker: Liability $9,550,000 Deductible $50,000

10/06/2014 8-K for Infantly Available Inc

The risk of unauthorized circumvention of our security measures has been heightened by advances in computer capabilities and the increasing sophistication of hackers.

10/03/2014 S-1 for NEVRO CORP

Our information technology systems, some of which are managed by third-parties, may be susceptible to damage, disruptions, or shutdowns due to computer viruses, attacks by computer hackers, failures during the process of upgrading or replacing software, databases or components thereof, power outages, hardware failures, telecommunication failures, user errors, or catastrophic events.

10/03/2014 S-4/A for Ashford Inc

Ashford Inc.’s networks and storage applications are subject to unauthorized access by hackers or others through cyber attacks, which are rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated, or by other means, or may be breached due to operator error, malfeasance or other system disruptions.

10/03/2014 S-1/A for State National Companies Inc

Computer viruses, hackers, employee misconduct and other external hazards could expose our data systems to security breaches, cyber-attacks or other disruptions.

10/03/2014 424B3 for Prosper Funding LLC

If a “hacker” were able to infiltrate the platform, you would be subject to the increased risk of fraud or borrower identity theft and may experience losses on, or delays in the recoupment of amounts owed on, a fraudulently induced purchase of a Note. Additionally, if a hacker were able to access Prosper Funding or PMI’s secure files, he or she might be able to gain access to your personal information.


The Company and its Subsidiaries maintains reasonable and appropriate administrative, physical and technical security controls for all IT Assets that are intended to safeguard such IT Assets from the risk of business disruption arising from attacks (including virus, worm and denial-of-service attacks), unauthorized activities of any employee, hackers or any other person except as would not, individually or in the aggregate, reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect on the Company.

10/03/2014 S-1/A for Great Western Bancorp Inc

Information security risks for financial institutions like us have increased recently in part because of new technologies, the use of the Internet and telecommunications technologies (including mobile devices) to conduct financial and other business transactions and the increased sophistication and activities of organized crime, perpetrators of fraud, hackers, terrorists and others. In addition to cyber-attacks or other security breaches involving the theft of sensitive and confidential information, hackers recently have engaged in attacks against large financial institutions, particularly denial of service attacks, that are designed to disrupt key business services, such as customer-facing web sites.

09/30/2014 EX-99.(J)(3) of N-2/A for Prudential Jennison MLP Income Fund Inc

Each Fund agrees that PFPC shall not be liable in any respect for the actions or omissions of any third party wrongdoers (i.e., hackers not employed by PFPC or its affiliates) or of any third parties involved in the Services and shall not be liable in any respect for the selection of any such third party, unless that selection constitutes willful misfeasance, bad faith or negligence on the part of PFPC.

09/29/2014 POS AM for F M BANK CORP

Despite these security measures, our computer systems and infrastructure may be vulnerable to attacks by hackers or breached due to employee error, malfeasance or other disruptions.

09/29/2014 10-K for NORTHEAST BANCORP ME

Information security risks have increased significantly due to the use of online, telephone and mobile banking channels by clients and the increased sophistication and activities of organized crime, hackers, terrorists and other external parties.

09/25/2014 10-Q for ADOBE SYSTEMS INC

Security researchers, criminal hackers and other third parties regularly develop new techniques to penetrate computer and network security measures and, as we have previously disclosed, certain parties have in the past managed to breach certain of our data-security systems and misused certain of our systems and software in order to access our end users’ authentication and payment information.

09/18/2014 8-K for HOME DEPOT INC

The hackers' method of entry has been closed off, the malware has been eliminated from the Company's systems, and the Company has rolled out enhanced encryption of payment data to all U.S. stores.


Terrorists, activists or hackers may also attack these facilities or systems, leading to service interruptions, increased costs or data security compromises.