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18 November 2014

Australian Spy Story

Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2014 02:01:15 +0000
Subject: Australian Spy Story
From: Mike Smith <parellic[at]>
To: <cryptome[at]>

Some friends copied me in on this story:

See attached copy if they won't let you read it!

Amazing also that Michael Cook's daughter was the girlfriend of Barak Obama!

I didn't realize that people were still taking Mitrokhin seriously! Christopher Andrew was the man tasked with putting the Mitrokhin material into the public domain in 1999, but several of us wondered just how accurate that material was? I wrote to Andrew in 1996 asking him if he could help unravel anomalies in my case. I got the reply (via a phone call to a friend) that Andrew could not help. I had no idea that at that time Andrew was working on the Mitrokhin Archive book, and it wasn't until 1999 that we learned what he was up to.

I was most surprise to learn in the Mitrokhin Archive that I was supposed to have visited Lisbon on some KGB mission. The reason for my surprise was that all the evidence at my trial was about a visit I made during a holiday in 1977 to Oporto in Northern Portugal. It was the American witness at my trial (given the pseudonym Mr "E") who had been sent to Lisbon on a training mission! The inconsistencies of this story were pretty clear to me at the time of my trial in 1993:

But strange that in 1995 Britain's Security Commission Report on my case Cm2930 never mentioned Lisbon, Oporto or even Portugal !

Then in 2009, when Christopher Andrew published his official history of MI5 "The Defence of the Realm", he never referred at all to this so-called KGB training mission to Portugal. This demonstrates how the lies can suddenly disappear from the official "evidence".

Nothing surprises me any more. That is why some of us decided to call Christopher Andrew "The Cambridge Parrot" because he is simply the mouth-piece of MI5 and MI6:

You will see that we ridicule Christoper Andrew for telling lies in the Mitrokhin Archive. He accused Nelli Genkova of being an agent of the Bulgarian Secret Service. This was not only a personal insult to Nelli, but it exposed her to possible assassination, because Bulgarians felt deep hatred to anybody who had worked for the Secret Service during those years. Christopher Andrew refused to accept that he had lied, and it was only after a court case that Andrew finally withdrew this claim in the "Mitrokhin Archive", and he was forced to issue an apology. How many people have heard of this? It was suppressed in our media.

There were also lies about the main evidence in my case, that I had "stolen" a top secret document giving details about Britain's ALARM missile, used in the Gulf War of 1991. It was only in 2007 that I learned this document had become obsolete in 1985 and so could not have been used in that missile. But that did not stop the British Ministry of Defence sending one of their scientists, Professor Meirion Francis Lewis, to tell lies in Court. He was later given an honour by Queen Elizabeth II for his "good" work. I later exposed this scientist by sending a leaflet to all the neighbours in his street to tell them that he was a pervert:

Bur coming back to your article, John Symonds told me years ago he knew who the KGB agent was, Rory Calinan was involved at that stage, but I guess the name never came out in the news before:

Hopefully Australians will soon know the identity of the traitor.

Michael John Smith

The KGB spy who came in from the heat: