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2 December 2014


From: Alan Turnbull,

I offer my thoughts further to the recent suggestions of the huge data centre at Skewjack Farm as the GCHQ "tap" codenamed NIGELLA, part of the Cable and Wireless GERONTIC collusion.

I wonder why no commentators have thought that perhaps GCHQ's NIGELLA "backhaul" point between the FA1 and FEA undersea cables could just be a bit less obvious than a shiny new "aircraft hangar"-type building. More hidden in "plain sight", as they say?

Consider the building cleverly disguised as a residential bungalow in the village of Polgigga (I am tempted to coin the name Polgiggabytes. But I will resist. Oh, too late.)

Its precise location is at (50.056, -5.6631)

and it is marked on specialist close-up maps as Submarine Cable Station, but on all other public maps is unlabelled. It is even listed on Royal Mail's address database as, wait for it, Cable & Wireless Global, Submarine Cable Station, Polgigga, St. Levan, Penzance, TR19 6LR.

It is likely to be the cable head for the landing from Porthcurno beach further south east.

Check out the security staff / groundsmen on Google Street View, "spooked" by the camera car passing by.

But don't be fooled by those fake "windows" on the "bungalow". Take a look around the side and see the louvre air vents.

Another similar cable head building is listed on Royal Mail as Verizon UK Ltd, Communication Centre, Bosvine Farm, Sennen, Penzance, TR19 7AP (50.0747, -5.6848)

but doesn't bother disguising the louvres as windows. It is also clearly marked on maps as "Relay Station".

It is over the other side of the Skewjack Farm data centre (50.0639, -5.6747), near the Whitesands data centre (50.0805, -5.675) serving Sennen Cove.

Whitesands is listed on Royal Mail as Global Crossing Cable Station, Sennen, Penzance, TR19 7BH and is accessed from Trevorian Farm.