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20 April 2015

Akrotiri Cyprus U-2 Base

Two U-2s touch down in Cyprus: U.S. moving spyplanes closer to Syria

Aug 29 2013

By Richard Clements

Journalist Andrew Potter based near the British air base at Akrotiri, Cyprus, reported (via Twitter) that two U-2 spyplanes arrived there in the afternoon of Aug. 29.

One U-2 had left RAF Fairford early in the morning and was plotted until it entered the French airspace: although its final destination is unknown, is safe to assume it went to Akrotiri.

Potter mentioned that the first U-2 to arrive made two attempts to land where as the second had no issues.

23 April 2015


23 January 2015

34°35'16.07" N 32°59'09.19" E



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