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14 April 2015

Khost Afghanistan Drone Base

Where the Drones Are

Mapping the launch pads for Obama's secret wars.

By Micah Zenko and Emma Welch

May 29, 2012

Located adjacent to the western border of Pakistan, Khost — also known as Forward Operating Base Chapman — is under the operational command of the CIA. Khost houses CIA officers, operatives, and analysts who collect, assess, and interpret intelligence information as well as select suspected militants as targets. Because of its location in one of the most violent regions of Afghanistan, Khost also serves as a recruitment center for informants. It is perhaps best known as the site of a suicide bombing that claimed the lives of seven Americans on Dec. 30, 2009 — the deadliest day for the CIA since the 1983 bombing at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. After the attack, the CIA retaliated swiftly with 11 attacks that killed nearly 100 suspected militants, marking one of the most intense periods of the drone program thus far. No date

33°20'10.99" N 69°57'36.22" E

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9 March 2010

33°20'10.99" N 69°57'36.22" E