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14 May 2015. News reports:

March 17, 2015


The completion of the Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) dubbed Anka (Phoenix), which is designed to obtain intelligence in the fight against terrorism in southeastern Turkey, has also been delayed. It was supposed to be delivered to the Turkish military in 2012, but accidents and problems delayed the projects. Two Anka drones are currently stationed in Sivrihisar Air Force Base but are not used for operations.

TAI, which developed the Anka, also signed a deal with the Turkish Air Force for the production of a new generation UAVs called Anka-S in 2013. The first batch is to be delivered in 2016. However, a recent report by TAI cited technical problems and postponed the delivery date to 2017.

25 November 2011

Turkey's own drone ANKA made a successful test flight.

Shining with its top-of-the-range hardware, Turkey's home-made drone ANKA carried out a successful test-flight in Sivrihisar township of Eskishehir.

During the 6 hour-long flight ANKA successfully passed 240 different tests. ANKA also carried a weight equal to infra-red camera that is also built by ASELSAN engineers.

In future testings, ANKA will remain airborne for 24 hours along with the infra-red camera pack on board.

13 May 2015

Sivrihisar Turkey Drone Base

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21 October 2013

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8 June 2011


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