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15 March 2015. First named corrected to Seamus from Sean.

News reports today claim the brother of the alleged rapist is a convicted IRA bomber. Emmanuel Marley, a son of Larry Marley, is a convicted IRA bomber.

13 March 2015

Alleged Rapist of Paudie McGahon Named

"Terrorist" is euphemism for IRA member.

A sends:

One of the main stories in Northern Ireland and the UK is the rape and abuse of Paudie McGahon. Every one is afraid to name the abuser.

Paudie McGahon (40) alleges he was raped as a 17-year-old by a well-known IRA member when his family home in County Louth was being used as a safe house for on-the-run terrorists.

The man who raped Paudie McGahon is Sean Seamus Marley, son of prominent Terrorist Larry Marley (killed by Loyalists) in Belfast:

Larry Marley:

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