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27 July 2015

More on Scotland Yard takedown request to Cryptome

From Alan Turnbull,

Further to your (very polite) Met Police takedown request.

The email header seems to check out correctly.

Meanwhile, regarding the actual email sender

Richard  Paleschi:-

Police Constable, PC Rich Paleschi 3017ST
(circa 2009, Lavender Hill Police Station, 176 St Johns Hill, London, SW11

Most bizarrely,

"Sales Director at KBC Media Limited"

Surely not the same Rich Paleschi?

Well, over to KBC Media Limited owner Christine Townsend to explain:-

"MusterPoint founder Christine Townsend has a background in crisis
communication and police operational response. As a result of her work in
digital engagement for police and the emergency services she created
MusterPoint to meet the needs of organisations who regularly interact with
the public but need extra audit and accountability function without the
restriction of high costs.

"Christine has worked in police communications for ten years and has worked
at Kent Police, Sussex Police and City of London Police. She has also
provided training and advice in digital engagement to Surrey and Hampshire
Police. Christine is also a Roads Policing Special Constable and has been
volunteering as a police officer for ten years. She has also spent time as a
resourcer and call handler in a police contact centre."
+44 (0)20 8720 9371
86-90 Paul Street

Both website domains are registered seemingly in her married (or maiden)
name of Smith, while the ".us" domain mentions Kickback Communications

and gives a mobile telephone number and personal email address.

C Smith
6 Hollybush Road
DA12 5QQ
United Kingdom
Registered on: 09-Jan-2012
Expiry date:  09-Jan-2016
Last updated:  09-Jan-2014

C Smith
6 Hollybush Road
DA12 5QQ
Registered on: 12-Jun-2012
Expiry date:  12-Jun-2016
Last updated:  13-May-2014

Christine Townsend
Kickback Communications
6 Hollybush Road
Da12 5qq
United Kingdom
Domain Registration Date:                    Tue Aug 27 17:53:52 GMT 2013
Domain Expiration Date:                      Wed Aug 26 23:59:59 GMT 2015
Domain Last Updated Date:                    Fri Sep 05 08:58:57 GMT 2014