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15 July 2015. Update.

14 July 2015

Spooky Aircraft at Grand Junction CO

A Updates 15 July 2015:

There is a Cryptome file that has relevant info on the Boeing 767-375 N661CS;

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It appears that Vision Airlines is the new 'Air America' in support of shadowy operations around the world. What I really don't understand is why it's been parked at GJT for the last 5 days. I work evening shift at a business not far from the airport and am able to check out what's going on during breaks and lunch. So far, no activity aside from a transient USMC KC-130J (tail number QB6382) that stopped for fuel around 7pm tonight.

About the only conclusion I can draw about its presence here is a possible connection to Jade Helm 15 which is scheduled to begin on July 15, 2015.

Utah was listed as 'hostile territory' and Colorado as 'friendly' in the initial press release, and Grand Junction is only 40 miles from the Utah border. GJT is the closest airport to the Utah state line that can accommodate an aircraft this size. Not really sure if the presence of the 767 is because it was used to drop clandestine operators off for the exercise, of if the aircraft will be an active part of the exercise.

The Boeing 767 in the pic taken at Grand Junction Regional Airport (GJT) is part of the Vision Airlines fleet.

N661CS arrived at GJT on 7-9-15 at 10:04pm. As of 7-14-15 at 11:35pm N661CS is still parked in front of the Gateway Canyons Air Tours Hanger at GJT. It arrived from Fairbanks, AK after traveling from Boston to Miami, and Miami to Fairbanks.

The radar track for the flight from Miami to Fairbanks mysteriously ends over Canada (see attached screenshot 'Miami to Fairbanks radar track')

Contact info for Vision Airlines;

Vision Airlines states on their website that "Vision Airlines is currently not offering commercial travel".

Vision Airlines as defendants in a civil lawsuit;

Vision Airlines is contracted by the DOD as part of the 'Air Bridge Program';

N661CS has been a busy plane for an airline that isn't accepting any bookings.

Phoenix on March 28, 2015;

Cook Islands, New Zealand on January 21, 2015;

N661CS was used to replace another Vision Airlines aircraft after a compressor stall turned back a Vision Airlines flight from JFK to Georgetown, Guyana on July 15, 2014;

RAF Brize Norton, UK on June 22, 2014;

JFK, New York on April 18, 2014;

Shannon, Ireland on December 3, 2013;

JFK, New York on July 13, 2013;

A sends 14 July 2015:

Recently, I've noticed an increase in odd aircraft in my area.  Grand Junction, Colorado is about half way between Denver and Salt Lake City. About 250 miles to either one. There are no military facilities or training areas within 250 miles. The only reason for military aircraft presence is an FBO at Grand Junction Regional Airport that has a contract to service transient US Navy Aircraft. Regular appearances of transient F/A-18's have been the norm for the last 15 years since I've lived here. But nothing else.

In April, there was a report in a Durango newspaper about low level night flights of military aircraft:

Durango is about 180 miles south of Grand Junction. The aircraft in the photo is an MC-130H. Not an aircraft normally associated with "search and rescue" missions (as quoted by the air crew member) since it is equipped for and used exclusively for Air Force Special Operations missions.

Also of interest are regular appearances of a USN E-6B Mercury doing 'touch-and-go" flight patterns around Grand Junction Regional Airport.

I've seen the E-6B show up here at least 4 times in the last year. Prior to that, I can only recall seeing it twice in the last 10 years. GJRA has an FBO that services transient Navy aircraft. Mostly F-18's on cross country hops but the E-6B never lands for fuel.

Another odd local sighting was the appearance of a RAF Puma HC Mk 2 aboard a USAF C-17.

The story states that the Puma was brought here for testing at the high elevation and high temperature environment. This makes no sense for an aircraft that has been in service for 20+ years with the RAF. Another reason this story stinks is the lack of any military facilities anywhere near. The two closest military installations are Buckley AFB near Denver (about 230 miles to the east) and Hill AFB in Ogden, UT (about 250 miles to the west).

But the strangest sighting yet wasn't a military aircraft, but an unmarked 767 that showed up sometime today at GJRA. Pics were taken about 8 pm MDT. Aircraft arrived sometime before 3pm and as of 12am on 7-14-15, was still on the Tarmac.

This aircraft was sighted in Ireland in December, 2013.

No indication in the local press why it was here. From what I could find out, it's owned by Spectre Air Capital LLC in Texas and operated by Vision Airlines in Las Vegas, NV.

It's hard not to make the connection to Jade Helm 15 for all of these sightings but no official word from anyone.