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20 July 2014. Add interpretation of final sentence.

19 July 2015

Yemen Cyber Army Announces Target List

Yemen Cyber Army Announces Target List

from Yemen Cyber Army

to Whom it May Concern

We will be following Parastoo's MT concept ( search cryptome ) and announce a list of our targets as the corrupt saudi regime continues to kill civilians here on the ground and international community is silent so its time for cyber attacks and leaks or as richard clarke would like to put it : CYBER WAR

target list :

Saudi Telecom
Saudi Electricity co
the national commercial bank
Riyad bank
Arab National Bank
National Industrialization
Etihad Etisalat Co.
The Saudi Investment Bank
The Saudi Chemical Co.
Saudi International Petrochemical Co.
Alsalam Aircraft Co. Ltd
Advanced Electronics Company
Saudi Industrial Development Co.
Turki Group
Dallah Al-Baraka
Kingdom Holding Company
SADAD Payment System
Alinma Bank
Nama Chemicals
Zain Saudi Arabia

this is #opstopsaudi and hacktivists across the world carry it out like opisrael

special thanks to

Digital Intifada
Gaza Hacker
Proud Arab Brigades
Remember Emad
alqasam Cyber fighters
Cutting Sword of Justice
Iranian Cyber Army
Hizbollah Cyber
Anonymous worldwide

[Following indecipherable]

ان موعدهم الصبح الیس الصبح بقریب

Interpretation thanks to Paul Dietrich (@paulmd199)

It is a passage from the Koran, translating to:

"Indeed, their appointment is [for] the morning. Is not the morning near?="