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11 August 2015. A sends:

Agilent started in 2000 out of HP's Test and Measurement org, the first division created by Hewlett and Packard out of their garage in Palo Alto, CA. Some of their products were used for SIGINT since 1969.

Then Keysight Technologies was spun off from Agilent.


9 August 2015

Karbala EW Attacks Keysight

KARBALA EW ATTACKS KEYSIGHT , AKA AGILENT , Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) - Santa Rosa, CA  USA
from : Karbala Electronic Warfare crew
to : Anonymous , keysight , hp , cybercom , dhs , pentagon

this target company has a long history in SIGINT and cooperates with many government and military
no matter where you are you will find some agilent equipment in the nearest faculty or local lab being
used for various purposes , mostly signal analysis , measurement , test ( monitoring and interception )
and target location determination using various DF/PF techniques they sell to govt over hundred millions

they are offering a full set of ELINT and SIGINT solutions for government and military to overcome
difficulties in Radio , Signal , Crypo , Speech recognition , Precise equipment for advanced labs and
on-site trainings fir customers who buy their products . we are aware more than 90 government and
military is currently customer of their services and they have been successful hiding behind their
civil-looking mask to protect what is it they are really doing . no more .

first publication is a partial list of their capabilities and products with details . you should be registered customer
to be able to obtain some of this intel . you can download it here :!Po50XQQa!bKfxmXBXrkTyIpn0Kti9dQ

here are the assets we pwned during the op- no mr Robot cleverness . no magic
and that's it . no cat and mouse here . childish stuff really

here is the list of identities we cared to exfil , no harm or vandalism , all friendly :) ( thanks , really :) )

we learned that not only Keysight is involved SIGINT from time to time they dont miss a chance to experince other areas Missiles . read :!Po50XQQa!bKfxmXBXrkTyIpn0Kti9dQ

EW ( electronic warfare ) , read public paper :

Weapon Electronic component :

and cooperating with famous U.S Defense contractor , Raytheon , discussed in a recent article from JED here :

through the research we learned Keysight is a strategic EW partner to the Zionist Regime of Israel . we want this cooperation ended simply . we are expecting statements from Keysight management confirming the cancellation of further cooperation or we harm their interests .

we are observing the scene and waiting . you are not anonymous . expect us .

Karbala EW crew
لبیک یا حسین
لبیک یا نصرالله

A sends:

first line is shared among Shia Iranians and other Shia , it refers to their third Imam , the shrine in holy city Karbala , but the second line is Hezbollah's slogan when they want to praise their leader hassan nasrollah