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23 August 2015

Shadowsocks Censored

From: "Matthijs Koot" <>

A post on Reddit states 'Shadowsocks, a socks5 proxy with 9000+ star was
asked to delete by China police two days ago and was deleted today':

Shadowsocks is a popular SOCKS5 server & client that provides an encrypted
tunnel to bypass firewalls/censorship:

The server is available in Python, Go, C and C++; the client is available
for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, OpenWRT.

The following GitHub repositories now show 'Removed according to
regulations':  (= server)   (= client for Windows)   (= client for OS X &
non-jailbroken iOS)

Releases can however still be downloaded: (server written in
Python, v2.8.2, released 2015-08-10) (client for
Windows, sources+binary, v2.5.6, released 2015-08-20) (client for OS X &
non-jailbroken iOS, sources+binary, v2.6.3, released 2015-03-06)

The Shadowsocks wiki, that contains documentation, is no longer accessible
at its original URL:

However, the Internet Archive has copies made in April 2015: