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16 August 2015

SOBH, Maziar Bahari and "Rosewater"

Anonymous writes:

I have no reason to ignore and disbelieve the hacktivist group, SOBH (meaning "Morning" in Arabic) when they attacked Israeli Foreign ministry, possibly Mossad as well, and publishing documents grabbed from email, here:

In one of the emails, famous reporter and author, Maziar Bahari (Iranian, now located outside) whose book was turned into a movie, "Rosewater," by Jon Stewart, contacts the Israelis and demands cooperation. He gives out a UK number for contact and states he wants to produce a film for BBC Persian.

In "Rosewater," Bahari (also appearing in the movie but not playing his own role) presents himself to his case officer as rather naive, stupid, hostile and uneducated so that he can trick him into a story and finally beat the system and go free. Was it really like that? This wonderful coincident needs further analysis and requires Mr. Bahari's participation as well I believe. Meanwhile I suggest to the audience to read this rather old piece, U.S. intelligence confesses loss of dozen of its agents in Iran and Lebanon: