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26 September 2015

GCHQ Illegal Spying in US

James Atkinson is a technical surveillance counter measures professional.

Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 20:14:34 -0400
From: "James M. Atkinson" <jmatk[at]>
To: John Young <jya[at]>, cryptome[at]
Subject: Spying on Cryptome

With the latest Snowden release of information I believe that you have caught the U.S. government red-handed allowing GCHQ free and unrestricted access to spy on U.S. citizen, inside the United States, within any form of warrant, or with what is called a "General Warrant" which the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled is illegal.

Look in the bottom most position of the "Geofusion" report that you have posted.


In the 2nd line after "Cookie" and you will find a line titled "Geo-IP-Dst" and above that line you will find a line entitled "Geo-IP-Src". This stands for the geographical address, based on GPS data received by the device either through actual device hardware bypass, or with the assistance of a software implant to override the user security or privacy settings.

I recognize the Geo-IP-Dst as Sterling, Virginia as I have done of lot of software development that uses GPS signals in the area as well as a very large number of bug sweeps where had to create extensive RF map of the area, and the number of your latest leak jumped out at me as being located in and around Sterling, VA.


The address above that (Geo-IP-Src) appears to be a multi-story building is Sweden, so this is someone in Sweden, at this address in the picture browsing Cryptome.


But here is the thing -- and this is crucial -- the address for Cryptome is listed to be the location of a fiber optic cable junction in Sterling, VA (next to an Amusement Machine company)... which is quite some distance away from your location in NYC, and a considerable distance from your ISP who hosts your file, and it is located away from any signal switching systems use in the area, but it is virtually next door to fiber that goes to a large NSA listening post nearby.

The reason it is notable, is that someone at or near the location in Sterling, VA is performing a MITM attack on Cryptome visitors, and this image out of the slidedeck with the two GPS coordinates is the U.S. Government performing a MITM attack against Cryptome and sharing the collected intelligence with the Brits, or the U.S. Government giving the British government backdoor access into the U.S. (illegal) collection systems.

Feel free to post as you see fit.



James M. Atkinson