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25 September 2015

MoD Vehicle Workshops Go Public

Second message added.

A sends:

MoD Vehicle Workshops Go Public

I stumbled upon Cryptome's feature on MI5's Northern Operations Centre:-

I thought the address seemed familiar. Incidentally, since 2008 it has also been confirmed on Royal Mail's database as "Ministry of Defence", so they are clearly happy with it being public knowledge.

I had spotted an entry on the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) register matching that address.

This is very curious because vehicle technician Ian Rowell of C H A Rowell and Sons has (up until the recent past at least) been associated with Stuart House Automotive Centre just a few miles south east in Middleton, North Manchester. The current operators are listed as Pearl Trading UK Limited, suggesting a change of ownership and a career progression for Mr. Rowell.

A simple search of the fully public IMI database also yields this gem:-

It's almost as if "the MoD" wants you to find this stuff.

Second message:


Further to Cryptome's feature on MI5 and the MoD Vehicle Workshops:-

I noticed that the prestige BMW car dealership at the exclusive Park Lane,
London address is seemingly somehow involved with the Godfrey Way, Hounslow, Middlesex location you highlight.

Notice how the "Website" link on that page clicks through to the official
website for BMW Park Lane:-

All very "Bob Lazar"!

You'd have thought BMW, like all car manufacturers, have enough to be
worried about at the moment.